Charlotte Lobby Signs with a Twist!

Your lobby sign has the power to do so much more than merely display your company’s name and logo. It can create an invitation for a buy-in, communicate a shared value, or underscore a company’s vision for its future. Our graphic artists like to refer to these products as Charlotte lobby signs with a twist.

Case in point is The Sign Factory lobby sign for Charlotte. It features a double layer of transparent acrylic panels. We imprinted an image of Charlotte directly onto the second panel. Adding a top panel, we added a side print of “Charlotte.” It features letter cutouts against a blue stripe that matches the backdrop’s main attraction. The image shows through the cutout letters. We mounted the sign with standoffs, with gives the display a contemporary feel.

Getting Away from the Standard

Why are we showing you a sign with a twist? The answer is simple: Consumers are learning to expect more from the companies they do business with. Shoppers want to be wowed; they want to know what makes your enterprise relevant today. Staying in step with changing tastes and demands is at the forefront of the sign industry’s goals, and no other product is as affected by this progress as the lobby sign. It is fair to say that it becomes the hallmark of the firm that is here to stay.

As such, it helps customers to differentiate between businesses that recognize the need for upgrades and those that are content with doing “business as usual.” Considering that the driving force of the economy is the millennial generation, getting away from the standard reception area presentations is a consideration every company owner must make.

Putting a Twist on Tried and True Signage

Of course, you do not have to jump into the deep waters of avant-garde signage design to prove that your company is aware of the times’ changing tastes. In the majority of cases, our experts succeeded in re-purposing standard signage designs for atypical uses. Examples abound.

DHG channel letter lobby sign. Channel letters are building signs. But when you scale down the size, you can easily transform them into elegant reception markers, too. DHG commissioned such letters, which we mounted with spacers. These white letters now present with blue backlighting against a white wall. The effect is stunning – to say the least.

Letourneau dimensional letter reception marker. In this setup, we created a dimensional letter display. Unlike other similar creations, this project features varying letter sizes, colors and installation methods. It also utilizes differing fonts. The finished product is pleasing to the eye, presents with an air of innovation and expertly brands the business.

HotWired shows off differing finishes. Sometimes the combination of standard options creates an excellent sign. HotWired commissioned a painted acrylic dimensional letter sign. Its initials feature semi-gloss finishes whereas its spelled out information presents with a brushed aluminum finish. This combination is sufficiently extraordinary to create an appealing display that puts a twist on the standard lobby marker.

If we have inspired you to take a closer look at unusual lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, contact our graphic artists to learn how we would design one for your business.