Check Out Microban’s Illuminated Stud-Mounted Channel Letter Lobby Sign in Huntersville NC!

Just recently, we had the opportunity to help Microban from the Barr Brands International family with a monument sign update. Now, this client called us back to assist with the design, manufacture, and installation of one of our illuminated, stud-mounted channel letter lobby signs in Huntersville, NC. Could we help? You bet!

Channel Letters in the Lobby? Yes!

We manufactured the bodies of the letters from aluminum, which we painted. They feature the same blue color that we also used for the monument. The client selected a reverse-lit halo presentation. Instead of allowing the light to escape from the front, it shines through the back. Therefore, we closed off every letter with aluminum in the front, too. We mimicked the presentation of the monument sign’s facing by adding the Barr Brands notation as well as the logo.

Microban is one of a growing number of businesses that has decided to make interior channel letters work for them. The use of illuminated lobby signage is already gaining plenty of traction and followers. By allowing the style elements to feature the same font and a similar presentation as the visitor to the venue would have seen on the monument, the business succeeds in heightening awareness of its brand message and fostering the development of name recognition.

Other Lobby Sign Options for the Company with a Taste for Illumination

Of course, you do not have to confine your selection of lit lobby markers to the choice of channel letters alone.

  • Lightbox cabinets. A scaled-down version of the building sign you know as a box cabinet is already a standard marketing tool in mall settings. There, the facing holds the images of the business’ latest advertising campaign. Since we can manufacture the product in any shape you like, we can put it in the form of your logo or a niche-specific appearance to which we add your lettering via a facing.
  • Push-through letters. For more artistic products that feature a metal body with push-through acrylic letters, we would create a main portion that holds the light source, which then illuminates the lettering only from within. The effect is sophisticated and sure to catch the attention of visitors.
  • Solid signs with light bars. If you like the look of a basic, solid sign but want to put some pizzazz in your lobby, we recommend the design of a metal or acrylic lobby logo board. We mount colorful LEDs underneath to halo the edges of the marker with your desired lighting. This product is suitable for featuring a corporate color for the illumination effect.

If we have inspired you to think outside the box for your next lobby sign order, contact our graphic artists for assistance to learn more about your options. Whether you favor illuminated, stud-mounted channel letter lobby signs in Huntersville, NC, like Microban, or you want to see how we can customize a light source presentation for your company’s name and logo, meet with our experts to find out what would look ideal in your setting.