Check Out this Sign Package in Charlotte We Did for Uwharrie Bank!

Professionals at Uwharrie Bank do business at 141 Providence Road. This company focuses on making the mortgage process straightforward, which is something consumers have been asking for. The application method is hassle-free, the rates are competitive, and the in-house work keeps fees low. In addition to mortgage loans, the bank also works with borrowers in need of home equity loans and lines of credit. To set up its venue with easy wayfinding and branding in mind, the company’s management team contacted our business experts to discuss the design of the exterior and interior sign packages for banks in Charlotte, NC.

Three Signage Solutions Now Brand, Market, and Assist with Wayfinding

After consulting with the client, we put together three distinct products.

1. Channel letters. The building’s front needed to undergo a re-branding, and channel letters were the ideal way to make it happen. The front-lit product makes wayfinding a snap. Because of the façade’s setup, our installers used a raceway mount. We painted it to be a flawless color match with the building top’s green to make the raceway blend in perfectly with the substrate. The letters now cast attractive shadows on the building’s front, which heightens the aesthetics of the presentation.

2. Conference room window graphics. The charming look of an open concept office space loses some luster when it is the meeting room that is exposed to curious stares. Providing privacy is possible with frosted vinyl. Uwharrie Bank executives chose a panel application that features an imprinted name and tagline. By using various shades of green, our artists created a focal point for the eye that complements the furnishings of the office.

3. Lobby sign. In keeping with the venue’s contemporary feel and understated elegance, the team selected a logo board. We started with a half-inch-thick, see-through acrylic panel that we covered with digitally printed, cut graphics. They spell out the bank’s name and tagline. We installed the board with standoffs to the wall, which heightens the modern feel of the setting.

Understanding the Impact of Signage on Your Clients

Although wayfinding is a significant reason for installing clearly visible exterior signs, those markers you put on the interior typically do not have to follow suit. So, why bother? The answer is simple: branding. Just because a consumer is sitting in your lobby, and willing to talk to a sales associate, does not mean s/he will buy from you.

To make this decision happen, you need to create an emotional connection between you, the product, and the client. Only when the customer feels good about doing business with you does your staff have a chance of closing the deal. Making this feel-good moment happen is the job of your advertising message, brand presentation, and signage setup that displays the two.

Ordering a Sign Setup Today

Whether you need exterior and interior sign packages for banks in Charlotte, NC, or you want something for a different type of company anywhere in the Carolinas, we can help. Discuss your product needs with our graphic artists, and discover how budget-friendly even standout markers really are.

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