Choose from 2 Types of Cabinet Signs in Charlotte NC!

Exterior signage has to be eye-grabbing, easily visible for motorists and at the same time a form of branding that helps consumers to form expectations about what they might find inside. The most common types of exterior markers are channel letter and cabinet signs. Of these two, the latter offers quite a bit of versatility with respect to branding. Which one is right for you?

Lit or Unlit?

Cabinet signs for Charlotte, NC, storefronts can be illuminated from within – but they do not have to be. Essentially, there are two types. The construction is much the same for both versions. We use sturdy aluminum to create the body and then add polycarbonate faces. If you choose to have a lit sign, we install fluorescent lamps inside the hollow body. If you do not need this type of illumination, we skip this step. Companies that commonly commission unlit markers include leasing agents for office buildings and those that have a lit monument marker on their properties. Lit signs are a common sight in strip malls, where businesses are recessed from the road and in areas where stores want to stand out just a little more.

Attached to the Building or Stand-alone?

It is not uncommon for a cabinet marker to be attached to the building’s façade. You see this in the place commonly above storefronts, at schools and also at financial institutions. Yet there are times when management teams decide to have the sign mounted onto a pole instead. This is frequently the case when a business is located near a highway off-ramp. When you want to attract consumers who are driving by, a pole-mounted sign garners the attention that you need to persuade some to visit your location. There is still another option. It is possible to include a cabinet in the construction of a monument sign. If your business location is a ways away from the street and not easily seen, this is a good alternative.

Geometric Shape or Something Else?

Choose an oval, a rectangle or any other shape for your marker. Yet it is possible to construct this type of sign in the shape of your logo. If you have a logo design that translates well into a larger shape, which could then contain some of the information that you want to display at your venue, this extra bit of marketing helps consumers connect the name to the symbol. Sometimes, business owners who pick a channel letter sign rather than a cabinet marker still commission the latter to take the place of the logo depiction.

At the Sign Factory, we understand that your outdoor marker is of vital importance to your company. Talk to our experienced cabinet sign experts today to get a bit more information on the different design options and looks that might perfectly suit your business. We gladly come out for a site evaluation and take some measurements as well. This allows us to give you solid advice with respect to sizing of the marker. Last, but not least, we will work with city officials as well as your leasing agent to get the permitting process taken care of.