Combining Dimensional Letters and Digital Print Graphics for Exterior Signage

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Best Tile is in the business of inspiring homeowners and builders to think outside the tile box. Whether you favor natural stone, glass, metal or ceramic, there is something for everyone. When the company’s management team wanted to take this level of innovation to the outside with building signage, its members contacted our graphic artists.

Dimensional Letters Combine with Digitally Printed Exterior Signs in Charlotte, NC

We are big fans of the signage one-two punch. When discussing the need for an original signage display that would act as much as a wayfinding marker as it would hint at the company’s brand, we suggested a combination of dimensional letters and a digitally printed product. The company’s venue has the advantage of featuring a well-appointed façade as well as an overhang right above the entryway.

The client liked the idea. We started by manufacturing the dimensional letters that now spell out Best Tile in large, white letters in between the alcoves of the façade. Since these spaces are accentuated by brick displays right below the roof line, the lettering looks fantastic. Next, we manufactured digitally printed graphics that we cut to spell out the Best Tile name in the way that it looks on the website. We used this opportunity to co-brand a manufacturer in this setting. The graphics take up the space of the overhang.

Wow the Consumer with Your Exterior Signs

There used to be a time when companies would display one building sign and call it a day. This time is rapidly disappearing. More and more businesses recognize the power that signage has and utilize their building facades and windowpanes to create impressive signage displays that catch the eye and expertly brand the company in the process. What could you do with your business’ venue?

  • Dimensional lettering combined with imprinted awnings. You see this type of setup most frequently with buildings housing restaurants. Install the company’s name as a full-color dimensional letter sign toward the top of the façade. Follow it up with a digitally imprinted awning right underneath as well as over the windows.
  • Colorful digital print graphic and smaller dimensional letters. Thus far, we have discussed setups where the dimensional letters take the leading role in identifying a business. It is just as easy to switch the roles. In this configuration, the top billing goes to a digitally imprinted vinyl laminate that acts as an overlay attached to an overhang that goes across the business’ entryway. Smaller dimensional letters continue the main color scheme and mount directly above the door.
  • Dimensional letters and window graphics. Consider this one-two punch for the signage needs of a boutique or similar store. The dimensional letters install above the venue’s entrance whereas the graphics go on the windowpanes. Mix it up with full-color images on the sides and frosted vinyl decals displaying silhouettes that present toward the middle.

Print Graphics and Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Charlotte, NC, Companies that Champion Originality

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about your options when combining different manufacturing methods for a dual signage display on your building’s façade. This mix of textures and depths captures the eye and may very well identify you as the thought leader in your niche.

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