Commercial Real Estate Sign Options for Indian Trail NC

Are you in the business of renting or selling commercial real estate? Are you managing a commercial property and seek to generate interest within a broad range of businesses? Whether it is an almost 1.39-acre property along Highway 74, an office property with multiple open spaces, a business park that focuses on tech companies or a retail strip mall, commercial real estate signs for Indian Trail, NC, have the power to attract interest and generate the foot traffic you need.

What Are Your Options?

Post and panel signage. The two or three-sided post and panel setup is a conspicuous signage product on the commercial property. It identifies a space or an entire property being for sale or lease. In addition, it offers contact information for the real estate professional or management company that allows interested parties to get in contact.

Sign panels. We manufacture these signage products from aluminum. We install them directly to the property’s façade. Clad with a vinyl overlay, they identify a particular commercial space that is for sale or lease. Usually, real estate agents commission these types of markers for specific empty spaces in a retail mall environment or office park setting.

Faux monument. This is actually a post and panel setup, but the post goes deep into the ground and is covered in its entirety by the panel. This gives the sign the appearance of a sleek, tall monument sign. It has a sophisticated look that is appropriate for upscale Indian Trail commercial real estate.

Architectural renderings. We print these signage products onto aluminum or vinyl. They display an artistic depiction of the finished property’s look. Usually, we install these types of signs on construction fences and as post and panel markers near the entrance to the property. This is an excellent method of creating a buzz around a new development with a specific commercial zoning.

Feather flags. When a real estate professional or a leasing agent is on site, having these flags catch the eyes of potential renters is an excellent idea. Use them to co-brand your company alongside the commercial property. In addition, highlight the availability of specific suites or spaces. Place the flags along the driveway or parking lot for a dramatic effect. We recommend installing them also around the property to address motorists coming from a variety of directions.

Professional Real Estate Signs Are Attention-Getters!

Of course, the experts at the Sign Factory can also design, manufacture and install additional markers for the targeted property. Commercial real estate signs for Indian Trail, NC, are versatile in appearance and do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Make your property stand out with a unique mix of different signage solutions that appeal to your target demographic.

We work with you on putting together a persuasive package that appeals to agents as well as business owners. We look over the artwork that you have for your company and then incorporate it with the proposed artwork of the commercial property. Color selections depend on your company colors as well as the colors chosen by the designers of the property. Call us today to get started on the process.