Computech Corporation Brands with Lobby Sign in Charlotte!

Located at 312 West Trade Street in Suite 700, Charlotte’s Computech Corporation offers customers IT as well as IT-enabled services. The business is so successful that the company has grown into an international corporation. When it came time to outfit their North Carolina office with a lobby sign that would bespeak the company’s expertise, commitment to excellence and multi-national vision, the management team contacted the Sign Factory.

We understand that acrylic lobby signs for Charlotte, NC, have the power to brand. For Computech, we installed acrylic lettering in the green and gray hues that visitors remember from the website. We also captured the logo portion of the name. The lettering was installed on a matte acrylic base, which was then mounted to the wall with aluminum offsets. The resulting acrylic reception sign is sleek, modern and underscores the cutting-edge nature of the company’s business model.

We can do the same for your business, too. You already know that the marker you hang in your foyer has the power to make a memorable first impression – just as it also has the power to leave no impression at all. But with the right design elements in place, this signage portion will set the tone for the interactions that your clients or customers have with your company’s representatives. They will anticipate a modern solution to a vexing problem; they come to expect a creative approach to their financial troubles. Whatever line of business you are in, your lobby sign creates expectations.

Making the right impression starts with the right material selection. Acrylic signs with aluminum standoffs are excellent choices for a broad range of companies. The usage of muted colors, as well as matte or frosted finishes, can give a sober expression to a company that wants to portray a dignified image. For the business that thrives on quirkiness or creativity, the use of glossy and matte materials gets the job done. If acrylics are not to your liking, consider the availability of dimensional lettering, cast plaques, engraved reception area signs and even die-cut vinyl decals.

If you are still unsure about the right marker to place in your lobby, give our knowledgeable signage experts a call. We gladly come out for a site evaluation, take measurements and take a look at the colors and fabrics you are currently using. This helps us to give you advice with respect to the best signage options that are open to you. If you already have artwork on hand, it is easy to incorporate what you have. If you do not have anything yet, we work with you to turn your vision into a tangible marker.

In addition, you are welcome to come to our studio and look at the materials. Is there something there that appeals to you? Would you like us to mix and match different materials for a unique but fitting sign? For example, we can mix foam with acrylic laminate to create an impressive three-dimensional effect. With so many choices, you know that you can find the right sign style for your needs.