Consider Sandblasted Signs for Your Charlotte Bed & Breakfast

If there is one thing that a prospective guest does not want to see when pulling up to a bed & breakfast venue, it is a sign that is usually associated with a retail or office establishment. No! Guests expect old-world charm, unique signage products and something that takes their minds off the hustle and bustle of the workplace and the city center that they just left behind.

The Right Signage Solution

It is this expectation that makes sandblasted signs for Charlotte bed & breakfast venues an ideal product selection. The level of customization lets you choose from a traditional rectangular sign or a more old-fashioned oval option. Sandblasting, in particular, is a process that heightens the visual appeal of any product.

  • Rustic. A rustic or time-honored appearance is much sought after in this niche. With the sandblasting process, our team easily incorporates all the desired rustic style elements into your marker.
  • Three-dimensional. The 3D effect is a favorite element of our clients. Whether you incorporate a logo or a natural element, it stands out and is tangible. Careful color choices and applications heighten the three-dimensional appearance of the marker.
  • Durability. Each sandblasted sign is treated with UV-protective finishes. We also ensure that the material is completely waterproof. As a result, even direct sun exposure for multiple hours each day will not fade the lovely appearance of your customized sign.

Going past the Welcome Sign

Once you have the right type of welcoming shingle in place, it is time to consider the other kinds of Charlotte bed & breakfast signs that you might hang up to make your guests’ stays more enjoyable. Since it is the secret fear of every visitor to walk in on somebody – either on a guest or a resident owner/operator – having plenty of wayfinding assistance in place puts your guests at ease.

Continue the attractive look of sandblasted signage with products that point out the common restrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the library or the game room. But do not stop there. If you open up a vegetable garden, orchard or other outdoor area to your guests, rely on sandblasted products there as well. These markers help to identify plants, assist with wayfinding and can also provide some information about the building’s background, its history and perhaps also area-specific facts.

Getting Started

The Sign Factory looks forward to working with more of our bed & breakfast owners and operators. We treasure the opportunity to help you underscore the restful nature and beautiful surroundings of your carefully selected properties. Our friendly professionals gladly visit your location to get a good understanding of your branding message’s style elements and also to take in the atmosphere of the locale.

Since the latter is a major selling point of your venue, we will ensure that we incorporate this appearance into the markers’ finished looks. Next, we sketch the proposed markers. Choose the ones that closely resemble your vision and expertly communicate your marketing and branding messages. Once you have selected the desired look, we manufacture and install the finished products.