Contractor Trailer Graphics in Matthews NC

“Protecting your pad” is the tagline that Green Frog Waterproofing uses. Readers of our blog will remember this company with the fun graphics and the clever slogan. Not too long ago, we helped the business with its fleet vehicle branding by installing graphics to its latest truck additions. But the company’s management team did not stop there. Understanding that you only have one shot at making a great first impression, the team also asked us to install contractor trailer graphics in Matthews, NC.

Why Treat a Trailer When You Already Have Vehicle Graphics?

The black trailer now shows off the Green Frog name and logo as well as the tagline and a phone number. Mostly, it displays the same information as the tow vehicle. However, some differences make an investment in these graphics well worth it.

  • Location. In real estate, location is everything. In marketing and branding, it is, too. Your trailer and tow vehicle may be in two different places. Roofers, drywall installers, house painters and other professionals who may spend several days working at an address do not always take the trailer with them when they run errands, pick up crew members or take lunch. When your trailer remains in place without your tow vehicle, it still advertises.
  • Color contrast. Green Frog’s tow vehicle is white. Its trailer is black. Although the graphics and information are identical, the print on one is black while on the other it is white. Some consumers respond better to visual displays that feature a dark surface with light-color printing. Others prefer the light background with the dark print. In this setting, your information appeals to consumers in both camps.
  • Repetition. Teachers say that repetition is the mother of all learning. If you have ever wondered why a company would pay to have a commercial aired twice in a row, it makes sense now. The first time around, a consumer may not have paid attention. Seeing the information again makes the customer take notice. This theory also applies to the use of a graphics-treated trailer and its tow vehicle.

What is the Right Trailer Graphics for Your Business?

An enclosed trailer easily communicates your company’s information as well as your branding message with a full wrap. Treat the sides and back with your graphics. Some business owners are now choosing to order trailer graphics or wraps that present a colorful image and clever 3D displays to capture the eyes of motorists or passersby. Frequently, these layouts are far more artistic than those chosen for the tow vehicle.

Doing so is a great idea because of the wow factor. Capitalize on the larger size of the trailer by using it as the flagship for your mobile marketing. Even if your trailer is not enclosed, you do not have to compromise on the visibility of your message. We work with color contrasts to get your setup the attention it needs for an effective display of your images. Contact our experts today to discuss your next order of trailer graphics for contractors in Matthews, NC.