COSKids Brands with Van Lettering and Graphics in Matthews NC

COSKids is a program of the Christ Our Shepherd non-profit organization. In existence now for two decades, you find the child development center at 226 West John Street. The facility provides infant and toddler childcare, a preschool program through age four, after-school enrichment, and summer camps. When COSKids decided to increase its reach among parents and caregivers, its management team contacted our specialists to discuss van lettering and graphics in Matthews, NC.

Treating a Dodge Express Cargo Van

After meeting with the client for a consultation, we treated the rear left window of the van with the facility’s name and adjusted logo presentation. We also added lettering right underneath that provides a niche explanation. To allow parents and others to find out more about the center, we displayed the website across both rear van doors. Doing so makes it easy for vehicles following the van to know what business it represents.

The Advantages of Seeing Schools Advertise with Mobile Marketing

Whether you opt for a full or partial wrap, a graphics package, or a lettering setup, the use of mobile marketing is highly effective in the educational field.

  • Name recognition. Become a known member of the local community. Doing so is particularly crucial for new schools or daycare centers opening up in the neighborhood. But even long-established facilities, such as COSKids, still benefit from participating in mobile marketing. When you consider that new families move into the area, there is a constant influx of prospective new customers.
  • Brand awareness. In the past, some schools would simply hand out decals with their names and logos. Although this was a great way for proud parents to show their appreciation of a high school, college, or another educational setting, it did not help with the formation of brand awareness. Frequently, those seeing the information had no idea what type of school the name and logo represented. Including a niche explanation remedies this situation.
  • Seasonal information. If you currently have openings at your daycare, accept enrollment applications for the next school year, or want parents to know about summer camp, it makes sense to add this information in the form of seasonal graphics. Choose spot graphics or lettering to add the information to a currently existing wrap or lettering package. When you no longer need to display it, we can remove the items easily and quickly without harming the other graphics products.

How to Order Van Lettering and Graphics in Matthews, NC

Contact our experts to learn more about the advantages that this marketing and branding tool opens up for your school or other business. We work with you to put together a persuasive setup that catches the attention of motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians. If you are unsure what type of graphics package is right for you, we can discuss the various appearances associated with full or partial wraps as well as graphics and lettering setups. We can integrate graphics you already have on file or create something entirely new from scratch. Call us today to learn more and get started!