Custom Channel Letters Attract Customers to Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza in Charlotte

Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza serves delicious pizza that will please the taste buds of all pizza lovers. They serve yummy traditional pizza, as well as Greek pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and a variety of specialty pizza. In addition, they have the menu that includes wraps, sandwiches, kids items and much more. Once a visitor samples their food, they are likely to return. However, being seen and found is the first obstacle that they must cross so that people can discover them.

Tony Sacco’s hired us to install these gorgeous professional channel letters. These custom created letters give them a respectful, trustworthy and memorable appearance that can easily be noticed. These custom letters are illuminated so that those seeking their restaurant and those passing are able to find their location whether its day or night.

The use of quality signs is a crucial part of the success of a Charlotte business, including pizza shops. As an owner of a pizza shop, it is wise to consider if your branding is effectively communicating with your audience and if your signage is creating the image you desire.

Channel letters, three-dimensional letters which can be fabricated from sheet metal or other material, can sure make a memorable impact on the community. Channel letters incorporate a professional design that can be custom designed through various colors, font types and shapes. This type of signage is very easy to read and professional looking. A fast food restaurant like a pizza shop will send a respectful message to its customers and potential customers by use of these custom letters.

Charlotte channel letters are beneficial for Charlotte pizza shops in many ways. Here are three of the main reasons:

  • Branding – With the competition getting stiffer in business, especially pizza shops, you need a branding tool that will send professional appearance to your neighborhood and visitors. You need to stand out. Chanel letters speak for you. Businesses such as restaurants need a powerful logo in order to reinforce their brand and stand out from the others in the same line of business. Customizing channel letters to include your logo and business name and then installing on your building, will reinforce your brand. If you have a website, a vehicle wrap, business cards and window graphics make sure that your logo, colors and fonts match. This enhances your branding efforts. The more people see your logo and business name, the more your brand will remain in their mind. Then, when they feel hungry for pizza, your shop will have a very good chance of being remembered.
  • Professional Appearance – Professionalism in advertising your business adds credibility to your brand. Well-crafted channel letters create a generally good impression of your business. They show longevity and commitment. Those two qualities are very important to consumers.
  • High Visibility – Charlotte channel letters are easy to read and can be spotted from a distance. Potential customers in need of grabbing a quick snack can easily spot a pizza shop having channel letter as a means of advertising. Since the letters can be illuminated, they can be read even at night and create an upscale appearance. This means of advertising will help you to easily attract the attention of your customers.

Just as the owners of Tony Sacco’s knows, channel letters are one of the best choices for giving your Charlotte business a professional appearance while attracting customers.

If you are looking to stand out like Tony Sacco’s, we would love to be of assistance to your business. Simply give us a call at 704-321-0040.

A lot of hardware is required in the installation process of channel letters. Quality work is crucial in giving your company the required image. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult professional help when you need to install channel letters to your pizza shop.