Custom Dimensional Letter Lobby Signage adds a Professional Look for Chris Angel Realtors

As a real estate company, having a professional look makes an impression in the mind of potential clients. With attractive, professional signage people tend to have more respect for a company and take it a little more serious than they would a business without.

The real estate industry is extremely competitive and is becoming more so in recent years. Fortunately, with the right marketing and branding tools, this industry can be very lucrative for realtors. Dimensional letters are one of the best branding options available for making a great first impression on the minds of potential clients. They show signs of success, confidence and pride which are appealing to people who are seeking a real estate agent.

Chris from Chris Angel Realtors knew he wanted to add an impressive professional look to his growing business. He wanted to give his offices a bold look that would further establish the brand. When he reached out to The Sign Factory and expressed what he was looking for, we were pleased to help with a graphic layout. Then, we produced his stunning dimensional letters and installed them in his lobby.

We manufactured these gorgeous letters and logo with 1/2″ thick PVC with brushed stainless faces and black painted returns. To give these dimensional letters a strong 3D look, we installed them with stud mounts and 1/2″ standoffs from the wall. You can see the finished results right here in this article. Aren’t they beautiful? Yes, we are very proud of our work! These custom letters sure enhance the professionalism of his lobby and will make more memorable impressions on those who visit his offices.

Are you looking for a new lobby sign for the entrance of your business, conference room or another room to enhance the professionalism of your business? If you are, make sure you give The Sign Factory a call at 704-321-0040 and we will help give your brand the additional strength and appeal you are seeking. We will be happy and ready to show you the different styles, materials, and ways to install your new lobby signage.