Custom Exterior Signs for Medical Practices in Charlotte, NC

With medical office exterior signs, you can make your Charlotte, NC area clinic or office more professional and inviting to new patients while advertising your practice to the general public. You can get the word out about your medical practice to increase your new patient base with sharp, vibrant exterior signage. Signs on the outside of your building are especially important if your office is located in an industrial park. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Accurate Signage Puts Patients at Ease

For visitors, it can be overwhelming and bewildering making one’s way around a medical complex. There are typically many departments, and they are quite large. Using exterior signs for medical practices will help patients find their way around the outside of your building, and you will avoid leaving your staff and clients wandering aimlessly in the dark.

A sense of security and safety is also inspired by outdoor signage. If you ensure your visitors have a pleasant experience by taking the time to show that you care, they will come to you again when they have health issues. Plus, using proper signage will put patients at ease as they make the commonly stressful trip to the doctor’s office.

Types of Signage

Some of the most popular exterior sign solutions are:

  • Parking Signs – In some medical complexes, parking can be a real pain in the butt…especially if you are visiting a proctologist. To eliminate confusion within parking garages or lots, proper parking signs are crucial. Visitors are directed to the handicap spaces or where to drop people off with the proper signs. Tow away zone, reserved parking, no parking, fire zone, and many others are among the many parking signs a medical practice needs.
  • Illuminated Channel Letters – Illuminated channel letters will guarantee your critical care and emergency areas are easily visible. Your building will be brightened up by illuminated letters, also called dimensional letters. These can be seen easily at night or during the day and can be mounted on brick walls, roofs, or poles. To go with your practice’s logo and colors, the individually formed letters with internal illumination can be done in any color.
  • Exterior Directories – Finding a specific area of a medical center, such as an animal clinic or a hospital, can be challenging for some people especially if they are unfamiliar with the building. Exterior directories make it easier. They can also give the internal building layout with a map or listing. On exterior directories, you should display doctor’s suite numbers and names as well as where personnel and clients should enter.
  • Monument Signs – Finding a medical complex is made simple with monument signs set near the entrance to the property. From the road, patients will be able to see where your building is located. These signs are low maintenance, can be made to match your practice’s marketing materials, and are made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand any type of weather.

To make certain your facilities have all the signs needed to be successful, a level of care and time need to be put into them. We will help you with these needs. Call us at 704-321-0040 or send us a message for all of your medical practice signage needs in Charlotte, NC.