Digitally Printed Inserts for A-Frame Signs in Charlotte NC

Call it an A-frame, a sandwich board or a sidewalk sign, but do not miss out on the unique power of this product to reel in foot traffic to your location. Of course, without the right message, the A-frame is little more than a blank plastic sign holder with hinges. Commissioning digitally printed inserts for A-frame signs in Charlotte, NC, provides the marketing and branding message that you want pedestrians to take in while traveling past your location.

Anatomy of an Insert

There is more to an insert than just printing a cute graphic on a thin sheet of paper that is then hidden behind a transparent plastic cover. Instead, our graphic artists design the layout of your insert to display its primary message in the foreground while using the background to support your branding. You usually need two single-sided signs, one for each side of the A-frame, which we print with our high quality, heavy-duty, large format printer. We usually laminate the product and mount it to Coroplast for added durability.

Who Uses A-frames for Advertising?

More and more companies recognize the marketing power that the A-frame possesses. Due, in part, to the display in the midst of foot traffic, the fact that you can frequently change the message adds to the appeal of the product.

  • Restaurants. Within the hospitality industry, businesses like the idea of displaying images of daily specials or menus, which target hungry passersby. Even if you do not have a daily special, consider showing off the dish that everyone talks about on Yelp or Facebook. Advertise it accordingly, and you may just be getting more and more orders for this menu item.
  • Property management companies. Let prospective tenants know that a property you oversee has vacancies. A-frame inserts might display floor plans of the units, your contact information, images of the interior and a list of amenities that the property offers. Change out the insert when another unit becomes available.
  • Retailers. Seasonal sales, special promotions, coupon offers and the arrival of new merchandise are all occasions that merit a public mention. Use one or more A-frames that you place in front of your store for maximum impact. When you know the types of promotions you will run throughout the year, commission your needed inserts ahead of time. Doing so helps you stay competitive and allows you to get the information out there a little bit ahead of your nearest competitor.
  • Service providers. Whether you are a chiropractor, tax preparer or tutoring assistant, advertise new services, products or specials that you offer. Car care specialists like to use A-frame inserts to promote professional affiliations and welcome new fleet clients. This approach helps consumers to connect the company’s services with a nod from a well-known manufacturer, which in turn creates a persuasive advertising message.

If we have inspired you to put your sandwich board sign to good use, contact us. We work with you to put together digitally printed inserts for A-frame signs in Charlotte, NC, that are sure to wow your customers.