Dimensional Letter Building Sign for TruSleep Organics in Charlotte!

What are your favorite mattress store building signs? Charlotte-based TruSleep Organics – located at 11042 Cedar Walk Lane – has opted for dimensional letters. This is not the warehouse type store that sets up shop in a huge storefront or warehouse setting. Rather, this business has located its showroom in a quaint house-type setting. There, customers visit to “test-drive” a wide variety of organic mattresses that offer comfort but without the toxins that are so common in traditional bedding products. Not surprisingly, this type of setup requires a sign that is different from those used by the big box stores.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs a Popular Choice in Charlotte

This is when the Sign Factory got a call for help. We visited TruSleep Organics to get a good feel for the location. We met with the company’s management team to discuss their vision for a new sign. After taking some measurements and looking at the artwork the store owners already had, we manufactured one of our dimensional letter building signs. Charlotte entrepreneurs frequently request these types of markers for upscale office buildings as well as for privately owned businesses that are not part of a national chain.

In addition, this is the kind of sign that blends in perfectly with the neighborhood. Nearby are Cast Iron Waffles and Dave’s Barber Shop. The Cedar Walk shopping center is the main draw. Thus, this sign just had to be different to not only fit in but also preserve the character of the area. We manufactured white dimensional letters. “Trusleep” is spelled out in bold while “Organics” is left in a standard font. The white letters are mounted to a black strip of shiny acrylic. This strip is then perfectly centered above the entryway.

The resulting look is modern, chic and grabs the attention with the bold white lettering against a black backdrop. Have you been thinking of adding new signage to your storefront? Perhaps you are ready to move out of your spare bedroom or garage, set up shop in a storefront and now need the signage to go with it? Our friendly professionals are ready to offer advice, industry insider knowledge and also uncompromising customer service.

Other Exterior Sign Options

When dimensional letters are not exactly what you are looking for, why not consider channel letters? They are mounted to a raceway or directly to the wall. We can shape these letters to imitate the look of your store name’s font such as you have used it on your website or stationery. These signs are made from sturdy aluminum, which neither disintegrates because of weathering nor falls victim to insect attacks. In the front-lit version of this signage, the fronts are made from colorful acrylics. At night, the light shines through the acrylic, which looks great.

Non-lit and halo-lit versions are also available. Another marker solution is the cabinet sign. It, too, comes as a lit or unlit product. The cabinet is usually fashioned from aluminum that holds a large acrylic front, which is then covered with a vinyl overlay. This overlay contains all the information that you want to see on your sign. If all of this sounds rather confusing, do not worry! Call our signage professionals for more information and to get started on your order.