Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign Brands Fiberon Decking in Charlotte NC

Fiberon is a name that has become synonymous with decking, railing and fencing products. Safer and more visually attractive than standard wood and composites, Fiberon also succeeds at using 50,000 tons of landfill-bound wood and plastics for product manufacture. This makes their product an environmentally friendly solution for any homeowner or builder. When this company needed a sign that would expertly brand the business in Charlotte, the management team contacted the professionals at The Sign Factory for assistance.

Lobby Signs that Brand Your Business in Charlotte, NC

We worked with the team to put together a signage design that would perfectly suit the business. We created a marker made up of dimensional aluminum letters. Some are painted in keeping with the look of the logo on the website. The others are displaying as brushed aluminum. By adding the company’s slogan right underneath the Fiberon name and logo display, this sign succeeds at branding the business while reinforcing this brand awareness with the words. Our technicians carefully measured the wall to ensure that the display of the finished product would be visually attractive and perfectly suited for the size of the available surface.

Sometimes You Want More than a Name

Fiberon is an excellent example of a company that has chosen to combine its name and logo display with an active branding message that creates instant awareness in the consumer. Selecting your motto, tagline or slogan is always a good idea when you rely on these words to reach the consumer. If you are using them in a radio jingle, on all your marketing literature and on product packaging, it makes sense to also show them off on your wall. The combination of the lobby sign with the wording creates a powerful one-two punch that clearly takes advantage of the marketing and branding this signage solution is designed to be.

Dimensional Letters Bring Flexibility to the Design

Choosing dimensional letters makes a lot of sense inside your office. For starters, they allow you to select a thickness and a size that is in keeping with the overall dimensions of the space where you display them. Next, you may choose from die-cut flat letters or molded ones that bring a prismatic look to the wall. Acrylic, metal and foam are the primary signage materials that we use when creating lobby signs for a broad range of companies.

Ordering dimensional letter lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, is as easy as calling our graphic artists and setting up a client consultation. We work with you or your management team to create a product that bespeaks the message you want to get out to the consumer. Taking inspiration from the way you portray your business online, we can create an exact image of the logo and name display for your wall. When you are looking for something different, we can help you there, too.

In fact, we routinely work with clients who are re-branding and need to update current signage. Contact us today to get started on your order.