Does Your Charlotte Business Need Updated or New Channel Letters?

Well maintained and attractive channel letters make a great first impression to potential customers and to repeat customers. If you have outdoor channel letters, these letters are often the first encounter a possible customer has with your business, even before they view the door they walk through to enter your Charlotte business. If you have indoor channel letters, they stand out to visitors entering your business. Your channel letters signs give people some kind of idea of what they should expect from your business. This first impression makes a huge difference.

This lettered signage should be eye-catching, specific, easy to see and well maintained. It is smart to ask yourself some important questions about the channel letters that represent your company from time to time. Here are few questions that will help you determine if your channel letters are giving the best impression that they can or if you have a need to replace them:

  • Are your channel letters standing out from the rest of the businesses around you?
  • How does your signage look compared with the other signage around yours? How do they contrast? Do your channel letters blend in with other businesses’ channel letters and not stand out?
  • Is your lettered signage well maintained or are they broken?
  • Are your channel letters clean or covered with debris?
  • Are the colors of your signage bright and crisp or dull?
  • If you have illuminated channel letters for your Charlotte business, are the lights still working or have they burned out?
  • Are there any obstructions that are blocking your channel letters such as branches or a new street sign? Take a look at your business letters from all directions when considering this answer.
  • Does your letter signage still represent your business?
  • Are your channel letters still modern looking and not outdated?
  • Do you feel proud of your channel letters?

Having a critical eye observing how your signage appears is vital. Examine the condition of your channel letters on a regular basis. This will allow you to know whether or not they are need of repair or replacement before potential customers notice. Having channel letters that are in excellent condition really do make a difference in the way people view your business. Well maintained letter signs give the impression that you care about your business and take it seriously. Consumers do notice this and are attracted to businesses that take pride in their appearance.

Many changes can take place in Charlotte shopping and business districts. These changes can include new signs, building, trees growing, and new lighting can affect the appearance of your signage. These can block or distract your current channel letters which may mean a potential loss of business.

If your Charlotte business is in an area where new businesses have moved in, especially if they provide goods or services similar to what your business offer, it becomes ever more important for your signage to stand out. If your business’s channel letters signs are being shadowed by a new business, then it may be wise to update your business’s lettered signage.

Simple changes like colors, lighting and placement can completely change how your lettered signage is perceived. A completely new set of channel letters will sure get your business the freshness that will attract people. There are many options available to make your channel letter unique and attractive making a great first impression.

We here story all the time about how having well maintained, attractive channel letters improve customer base of businesses in the Charlotte area. As a fellow Charlotte business, we want you to succeed. We know very well what a difference custom-made signage can do for your business and are here ready to serve you. We are dedicated to learning what your business needs are and then creating the channel letters and others signage that will make your business shine. Simply give us a call at 704.321.0040.