Easily Apply 3M Vinyl Graphics to Walls and Floors in Charlotte NC

The Sign Factory technicians frequently apply 3M vinyl graphics for walls and floors in Charlotte, NC. Yet sometimes, our business clients are surprised when we offer them this option for their exterior. To make the process easy to understand for folks who are not in the business, we have put together this FAQ page.

Q: Is it possible to apply wall or floor graphics to a rough exterior surface?

A: Yes, it is. In fact, even rough bricks and deep grout lines do not present a problem to our technician. The trick here is the use of the right 3M product. With the use of a vinyl film that is designed with the application on these types of surfaces in mind, installing it there is a snap.

Q: What role does surface preparation play in the installation process?

A: While the use of the right type and brand of film is a major factor, the other make-or-break component is the site prep. We start by cleaning your wall – or floor – and letting it dry completely. For a wall, this might mean a temporary disabling of a sprinkler. For a flooring surface, it may be a good idea to rope off the spot to prevent foot traffic and spillage of fluids. Finally, we use a hard bristle brush to remove any loose debris that would make adhesion problematic.

Q: What about tools?

A: Our signage shop invests in the most advanced tools the manufacturer recommends for the application of its vinyl films. In the case of this type of product, we use a specific tool that applies high heat concurrently with pressure. By going at a rate of three inches per second, we ensure that the film’s adhesive bonds with the substrate and remains in place even with heavy foot traffic (for floors).

Q: How do you know that you are doing it the right way?

A: Our technicians receive advanced training as recommended by 3M. We do not leave their installation techniques to chance. Since the manufacturer offers you a warranty on properly installed products, we ensure that our installation is meticulous and without fault. We ensure that the recommended 50 percent to 75 percent overlap is observed. Moreover, our technicians know the right place to achieve that guarantees full adhesion and does not damage the vinyl graphics.

Q: How do you prevent water from creeping under the graphics material?

A: We start out by using the best 3M vinyl film for walls and floors. Next, we professionally install it with the manufacturer-recommended tools and techniques. Finally, we use silicone to seal off the edges. This provides a bit of insurance against the intrusion of water. Whether it is a sprinkler, regular spills or just the hose of the cleaning crew spraying down the sidewalk, your graphics are safe from water damage.

Q: How do I get started on my order?

A: Call our graphic artists today to discuss the design of your wall or floor graphics. We work with you to create the right look that wows customers and catches the eyes of passersby. Next, we manufacture the product and visit your location for the installation. Applying 3M vinyl graphics is really that easy!