Effective Communication with your Food Truck Graphic Designer

So, you’re ready to start a food truck but you don’t have the graphics chops to get the design work done yourself. With our Vehicle Wrap solutions, we can help with a lot of the design work. Whether you choose to work with our in-house Graphic Design team or hire someone for the job, there are important things to understand before working with a designer.

Coordinate Your Brand Ahead of Time

Before starting on the design, it makes sense to sit down with the designer to make sure you are on the same page when it comes to your ideas about your brand. Some design choices to bring up include:

  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Images

Communicating Your Vision

Designers speak a bit of a different language than most people. Putting things in their words will get you much further than trying to explain what you want in terms that can’t be translated through design.

1. Emotion. When a designer asks you what emotion you want to convey and you follow up with “hunger,” you’re making their job much harder. Instead, think about your brand overall. If you are serving more of comfort food, you’ll want to convey that. If you are more high-end, you’ll want that reflected in your design choices.

2. Meaning. Your design should also depict what you are offering. The meaning behind your graphics should simply be what you have to offer. For instance, having a skull with nothing else probably won’t mean much to passersby. However, if you add a coffee cup because you sell coffee called Undead Zombie Coffee, the meaning makes a lot more sense.

3. Deciding what will be recognizable. You can’t have everything as the detail that will grab people. Instead, discuss with your designer what you want to set you apart. If you have a very memorable logo, it makes good sense to have that as the center of your design. A good graphic designer can help with this, but you need to have your own idea of what will set your brand apart since it’s your own business.

Not sure where to get started? Our Graphic Designers have designed beautiful food trucks in the past and will be happy to assist you in your new venture. Contact us today to find out how we can help.