Electronic Messaging Center: A Versatile Signage Option

Electronic Messaging Center

Versatility is a great thing to have in your business signs. The more versatile your signs, the more you can customize them to fit your business and your audience. One of the most versatile options on the market is the electronic messaging center from The Sign Factory. These signs use LED lights to create custom message that allow you to reach a wide audience. These signs are particularly useful for important community buildings and organizations. Here are a few of the organizations and businesses that can benefit from this type of signage.


Schools often host a number of events, even when school isn’t in session. This means that versatile signage can come in handy. Instead of using traditional letter board signs that have to be changed manually, you can make sure the entire school community knows about plays, home comings, football games and parent teacher nights with these signs by simply programming them. And in the event of a school closure due to weather or other cancellations, you can quickly program your messaging center to share this information.


Another great place for these signs is at the local bank. A bank or credit union can make use of these signs to cement themselves as an important part of the community. A bank could use their electronic messaging center to let people know about weather conditions or local events that will add value to a customer’s or member’s interaction with your business. This will help people trust and value your services.

Government Buildings

Local police stations, sheriff’s offices and other municipal buildings can make use of this type of signage too. In the event of a local emergency due to weather, these institutions and facilities will be looked to for advice. Your signs can make sure people know what they need and how to handle these types of situations. Even more mundane public service announcements can be vital in keeping your city or town safe and secure, so an electronic messaging center can be used to remind people of local services, ordinances or other information that may benefit those in the community.

If you’re interested in versatile signage, contact our team today to discuss the benefits of an electronic messaging center!