Ernst & Young Welcomes with Office Signs and Wall Murals in Charlotte

Fostering entrepreneurship, Ernst & Young (EY) is a global powerhouse of professional services with a twist. This company embraces sustainable growth and talent development in all settings. When it came time for the Charlotte office to receive its signage, the management staff contacted The Sign Factory for assistance.

Putting Together a Signage Suite

Lobby signs for national corporations in Charlotte, NC, must wow the visitor at the first glance. EY is no different. The brushed aluminum and acrylic lobby sign combine two materials into a cohesive look that brands the business and looks fantastic on the focal wall. Yet there was more to the job than just this signage component. Next, we manufactured a display that explains about the EY Connect Day. The acrylic etched plaque educates visitors on the company’s commitment to building a better community.

Further enhancing its display of community outreach projects is an acrylic wall mural that features pictures and text boxes. Set against an artistic rendering of the city as a backdrop, this board is an attractive feature in the office. This wall mural explains in depth the mission of EY as well as the connection it seeks to foster between people.

What Do You Want to See in Your Office?

How are your office walls communicating with your clients? When you follow the lead of EY, you benefit from a signage suite that introduces the visitor or client to your company’s philosophy, the way of doing business and mission. It builds your reputation even as it creates name recognition. Once the visitor connects with your staff members, it is easy to talk about business since the client already knows who you are and what your company is all about.

Another benefit of this extensive setup is the fostering of goodwill in the local community. By stressing the company’s place as a member of the local neighborhood, you position yourself not just as a thought leader in your niche but also as a good corporate citizen who gets involved locally with service projects and sponsorships. We recommend following up this type of signage combination with retractable banner stands that display more information on past service projects and ongoing sponsorships. Examples of the latter include local high school sports teams, bands and after-school programs.

Commissioning Your Office Signs

Contact our professionals for more information on a signage combination that wows visitors and represents your business. We gladly visit your office to take measurements and look over any artwork that you have. At this time, we also find out what your vision is for the completed look. Next, we incorporate the artwork into the sketches to give you a better idea of what your walls will look like.

This is also a good time to discuss materials. Although acrylic is a favorite selection, it is also possible to use foam, metal or PVC. In addition to wall murals for national corporations in Charlotte, NC, we also design and manufacture support signage that expands on the information provided. Call us today to get started on your order.