Establish Your Presence with a Charlotte Food Truck Wrap

If you are an owner of a food truck, you have an amazing opportunity to bring in a great income as there is definitely hype in this market.

The food truck industry seems to be growing again in the Charlotte area. This is obviously because the demand is huge. Food Truck Friday is a popular Facebook page that has over 6700 likes which shows how many people in our area are interested in buying food from these vehicles.

Creating a Successful Food Truck Business

It would be nice and convenient, if you could simply hop in your truck, drive around Charlotte offering your tasty menu to people and have them reply with excitement. However, the reality is that you need to take this undertaking seriously if you want to be successful. You really need a plan and some proven tools in order to bring in enough income to support your lifestyle.

One of the main keys to being successful in this industry is obviously delicious food that people can count on. However, the in order for people to taste all your yummy foods, they must first discover you.

Whether someone is discovering your menu for the first time on their own or they were referred to you by a raving fan, an eye-catching food truck wrap is a very vital tool that will allow them to easily spot you.

A typical restaurant will use channel letters or some other building sign to make the community aware that they are open for business. In addition, they may also use window graphics, banners and other forms of signage to gain more visibility over their competitors.

Since your business is operated out of a truck or a van, your marketing and branding need to be all over your vehicle.

What Should You Put on a Food Truck Wrap

  • The name of your business. If someone wants to refer you, this is important.
  • The logo. A logo is your signature image that is very important for your branding. This you will also display on your website, on business cards, and on any other tools, you use for marketing. When people see this image, they will think of your food.
  • The type of food that is sold. We recommend not putting every item from your menu on your wrap unless you are only offering one to three foods that will never change. Too many words will clutter your wrap.
  • Images of the food you sell. Images are eye-catching especially when they are appealing to the eye. Pictures of your food can be used as long as it is high resolution.
  • Contact information. If you have a phone number or website where you will notify fans of your whereabouts, they also include that.

Establishing your presence in the food truck industry is so much more than simply creating great food. You must be noticed. Whether you are new to the food truck industry or have been in it a while, food truck wraps are proven to get your presence established. Your truck is how people will find you again and again. The Sign Factory specializes in custom designs for vehicle wraps and we can certainly create a wrap that you will be proud to display.

If you are ready to really take your business seriously with the most important tool for your business, give us a call at 704-321-0040.