Exterior Dimensional Letters Shine at the Dana Rader Golf School!

Located at 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, the Dana Rader Golf School offers programs for new golfers, juniors and women in addition to traditional classes. One on one instruction is also available. When this venue needed new exterior dimensional letter building signs for Charlotte, NC, its management team contacted the professionals at the Sign Factory.

Dimensional Letters Brand and Shine

After taking careful measurements, we designed and manufactured half-inch thick painted acrylic letters and logo components that identify ABC 3 and the Dana Rader Golf School. Giving the venue a professional look and feel, they perfectly blend in with the setting of the clubhouse. The darker color of the name makes it easy for those searching out the location to find it even from across the course.

Who Chooses this Product?

You do not have to be a golf course manager to select dimensional lettering as the signage option for your venue. A broad range of companies and organizations like the way that this lettering displays on a façade and presents wayfinding assistance, branding opportunities and marketing dialogs with consumers. Banks, property management companies, large retailers and a host of other settings see this sign product as an ideal selection for their buildings. Usually, these markers are unlit, which lets you make good use of a façade illumination setup that you may already have in place. In some cases, it is possible to manufacture dimensional letters that have their own light sources.

Not Just for Company Names

Even if you have already chosen a different signage product for your company’s name and logo display, it is still possible to incorporate dimensional letters into your exterior signage collection’s setup. For example, educational facilities rely on this lettering to identify buildings and areas that do not call for a channel letter or lightbox cabinet. In a hospital setting, dimensional letters identify different departments. Within the retail business, the signage solution names individual signs while the other products are used for the main location identification.

Great on the Inside, Too!

If you do not need exterior dimensional letter building signs for Charlotte, NC, but nevertheless really enjoy the look, consider installing it on the interior in the form of lobby signage. In fact, quite a few of our most successful business clients have a reception area sign that perfectly mimics the exterior marker that first greets the consumer. It is an excellent method of starting a sales dialog and then continuing it – without missing a beat – on the interior of your office or storefront as well.

Place Your Order

Contact our professionals today for more information on these letters that are suitable for a broad range of signage solutions. We work with your management team to learn more about your branding needs. In addition, we visit your property to take measurements and recommend the proper height and depth of the signage. During the design process, we use the colors that you have already chosen. If you have artwork on file, we incorporate it into the designs. When you do not yet have anything ready to go – or you are not sure that you want to stick with the same look – we can design something new from scratch. Call us today to get started.