Exterior Illuminated Sign for Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe in Charlotte!

Located at 2424 North Davidson Street, Amélie’s French Bakery is the well-known destination in the historic NoDa Arts District for anyone who craves pastries, sandwiches and excellent teas. Open daily and around the clock, there really is no bad time to visit the bakery and enjoy a break from the day. With a new location opening up in Carmel Commons, the company needed eye-grabbing exterior signage. The Sign Factory got the call for assistance.

Exterior Signs for Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Opening up at 7715 Pineville Matthews Road, the company opted for illuminated signage that would beckon to customers after dark. A channel letter sign installed on a raceway was the ideal marker for the location. It features the iconic blue color as well as the yellow hat depiction. Explaining the niche would be easy with a lightbox cabinet.

We installed this marker above the awnings. Because of the darker color that these awnings display, the signage perfectly matches the look of the location. Since exterior signs for eateries, bistros and all types of restaurants must be visible, suit the location and brand the business, this marker fits the bill.

What Type of Exterior Signage Works for Your Location?

If you are opening a new restaurant or re-branding an existing location, it is time to consider the exterior signage you will be adding to the venue. What are your options?

  • Channel letters. It is impossible to go wrong with channel letters. They express your brand with the font selection and color choice. Customized colors market your business. If you are re-branding, it may be possible to update your existing channel letters with little more than a fresh coat of paint.
  • Lightbox cabinet. This marker lets you add a bit more information to your exterior signage. In addition to displaying your name and logo, the cabinet look allows for mentions of your around-the-clock opening times and your specialties.
  • Dimensional letters. Metal, plastic or foam is the material of choice in this setting. Depending on your preference, it is possible to install dimensional letters with LEDs, which provide illumination after dark. We can either mount the letters to the wall or display them standing up on a ledge.

Lighting is a Must

Your location stands out more when you rely on illuminated signs for restaurants in Charlotte, NC. If you crave versatility here, too, channel letters may be your best bet. The light may escape through the front for a brightly lit marker at night. We can also manufacture the letters so that the light escapes through the back. This gives your marker a halo effect, which is actually quite sophisticated. Another option is a combination of the two. Although this dims the overall light output, it results in a remarkable display of the lettering after dark.

Contact us today for more information on these restaurant signage products. We work with you to discover the right marker option for your location and can work with any artwork that you already have on file. If needed, we gladly design your marker from scratch.