Exterior Illuminated Signs Choices for Mint Hill NC

Situated in southeastern Mecklenburg County, with some portions also falling into Union County, Mint Hill is famous for its business-friendly atmosphere. Examples include the annual BIZ expo, community events and seasonal festivities that involve the local chamber of commerce. Since historic places and green spaces are a big deal in the area, it makes sense that any commercial signage must fit into the setting if it is to stand out in the right way. As a business owner, you must choose carefully which illuminated exterior signs Mint Hill, NC, consumers will find on your property. Three options stand out.

Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are among the most popular illuminated markers in the area. They display your company’s name in bright letters that shine at night. You have two basic illumination options. Front-lit letters are made from an aluminum body with an acrylic or polycarbonate facing in the front. This facing is colorful. The light sources are placed inside the letters and then emit the light from behind the colorful plastic facing.

Another option is the backlit channel letter. In this setup, the body and front of the letter are made up of aluminum, which we paint to match your chosen color. The back features clear acrylic facings that protect the interior light source. The light escapes from the back, which halos the body of the letter. The effect is sophisticated, subtle and makes you stand out for these very reasons.

Lightbox Cabinets

The other type of exterior signs Mint Hill, NC, companies favor comes in a variety of geometric shapes. The most commonly chosen shape is the rectangle. That said, it is also possible to commission a marker that is shaped like your company’s logo. This versatility has long endeared the signage product to business owners who want to generate brand awareness and name recognition with their building signs.

The advantage of a standard rectangular cabinet marker is the wealth of information you can add to your company name and logo design. Examples include the date of your company’s founding, important affiliations that build trust in consumers and a tagline that sets you apart from the competition. Some retailers, manufacturers and spas like this type of signage setup for these very reasons.

Monument Signs

The monument sign is an excellent way to greet motorists and alert drivers to the entrance of your parking lot. At this time, low markers – those that are about four feet tall – are very popular in Mint Hill. They fit in well with the area and still hold their own when it comes to marketing and branding. Concrete and foam are the most popular options with pre-made foam monuments quickly becoming the all-around favorite. Lit facings take the shapes of lightbox cabinets or LED message boards.

Other Options

The Sign Factory professionals understand that these signs do not always meet all of your needs. As a result, we routinely work with different marker options that provide your company with the individualized look that makes you stand out. Possible additional signage options include lit dimensional letters as well as post and panel markers.