Exterior Sign Solutions for Charlotte Medical Centers

Medical centers can be confusing and overwhelming to visitors. Most of them are large and have many departments. Don’t leave your visitors and staff in the dark and wandering aimlessly; use exterior signage to help your clients find their way around the outside of your facility.

Exterior signage also gives them a sense of safety and security. Take the time and care to guarantee that your visitors have a pleasant experience. No one really enjoys going to the doctor, but it is a necessary thing, so using proper signage can help to put them at ease. Here are a few common sign solutions:

  • Illuminated channel letters: Be sure that your emergency or critical care areas are highly visible with illuminated channel letters. Also known as dimensional letters, illuminated letters will brighten up your facility. These can be mounted on poles, brick walls, or roofs and can be seen easily during the day and at night. Individually formed letters with internal illumination can be done in any color to go with your company colors and logo.
  • Monument signs: Typically set at the entrance, monument signs make it possible for clients to find a medical center easily. Clients will have no problem seeing where your facility is located along the road and give your center the identity it needs. Made of durable materials they will hold up in the outdoor elements, are low maintenance and can be made to match your company’s branding.
  • Parking signs: We all know how difficult parking can be in some medical centers. Proper parking signs are important to eliminate confusion within a parking lot or garage. Proper signs can direct one to where when they are dropping someone off or where the handicap spaces are. Some other needed parking signs are reserved parking, fire zones, tow-away zones, no parking signs, and many more.
  • Exterior directories: These will help patients find the area of a complex they need to get to. Also, show a listing and/or a map of the internal building layout. You want to also display doctor’s names, plus their suite number, and where clients and personnel should enter on exterior directories.

Proper signage in a medical center will be sure to improve clients overall experience. There will be no question where to park, enter and exit buildings. You will also want to make sure your branding is consistent. It is important to match your colors and logos in all exterior areas of your medical center to ensure consistency. Mismatched colors and logos can cause unnecessary confusion amongst your clients. Time and care can guarantee that your building will have all of the signs that are needed to be successful. The Sign Factory can help you with all of these needs. Don’t look at the rest; come to the best for all your exterior signage needs in Charlotte. Call us at 704-321-0040 today!