Fabulous Cleaning Services Uses Fleet Vehicle Wraps to Brand in Charlotte NC!

Fleet vehicle wraps for Charlotte, NC, business owners have the distinct advantage of spreading the word about any type of company, service that is being provided or product that is being offered. This is the kind of exposure that no entrepreneur can afford to be without. The friendly folks from Fabulous Cleaning Services had the same idea. Serving the Charlotte area, this maid service specializes in spring cleaning, recurring tidy-ups, move-in and move-out cleanings as well as eco-friendly cleaning services.

When it came time to spread the word wherever the representatives from Fabulous Cleaning Services were headed, the company’s management team contacted the Sign Factory for help. We discussed the various options for cleaning contractor vehicle wraps in Charlotte, NC. We decided on a graduated pink wrap that mimics the colors chosen on the company’s website. The rear side windows are covered with a perf that continues the motif of a sprawling staircase to the roof area and beyond. This is a great eye-catching feature. We displayed the company’s name, logo, motto, a QR (quick response) code, phone number and website. We also highlighted the availability of eco-friendly cleaning services.

The rear window showcases the name of the business and its logo. Contact information and the QR code are repeated for best exposure. Whenever these vans now pull up in front of a customer’s home, it is clear to neighbors just who is doing the cleaning at the house. When these neighbors are invited to visit, they are sure to be amazed at the clean surroundings where the fixtures gleam and the walls are spotless. This easily results in referrals. Moreover, when the company decides to target a neighborhood with mailers or other marketing materials, it can follow up this tactic by driving through the streets. Being this visible with highly branded vehicles generates name recognition, which in turn creates trust. Are you thinking of increasing the name recognition of your business? We can help!

  • Vehicle wraps take your name to the consumer. Your consumer base is not neatly contained in just one neighborhood. If this were the case, you could focus your advertising dollar on just that neighborhood and effectively pepper it with posters, handbills, mailers and targeted email marketing. Since your target demographic is most likely spread out across the city, it makes sense to take your message to the streets of the city. Doing so in a wrapped van, truck or service car is easy.
  • Branding has never been easier. Your wrapped vehicle not only displays your name and contact information, but it also contains your logo colors. These colors evoke a certain set of emotions in the consumer. When your vans drive through the neighborhoods where your target demographic lives or works, you are certain to evoke these desired emotions in just the right people.
  • Advertise around the clock. Unlike a newspaper ad that is here today and recycled tomorrow, your wraps advertise around the clock. Night and day, holiday or workday, your message is in front of consumers. Is there a better way to influence customers who are ready to make a buying decision?

Take a look below for even more images on the fabrication and installation of these amazing wraps!