Family Business Shows Professionalism with 3D Letter Lobby Sign!

You find Letourneau Enterprises at 1325 North Community House Road in Suite 125. This family-owned business specializes in clearing operations that tackle a broad range of terrains. In operation for more than 50 years, clients of the company enjoy the small business touch paired with the latest technology and a wealth of experience. When this firm needed a lobby sign, its representative contacted our graphic artists for assistance.

3D Letter Lobby Signs in Charlotte, NC

After consulting with the client, we designed a three-dimensional sign that consists of individual letters. We used half-inch and quarter-inch acrylic. When you look closely, you notice that we used standoffs to mount some of the letters while we flush-mounted the niche explanation to the wall. The combination of depths and mounting techniques creates a visually attractive display that capitalizes on the available light for shadow play. It is professional and imaginative, which bespeaks the company’s approach to problem-solving.

Leveling the Playing Field with Lobby Signs

It is a common misconception that only the heavy hitters in business have the financial wherewithal to commission high quality, effective signage that expertly markets and brands for them. In fact, working with a full-service sign shop ensures that even the entrepreneur who is just starting out has access to the same materials and design techniques as multi-national corporations. It is, therefore, fair to say that lobby signs have the power to level the playing field.

The key ingredient to a successful signage product is the combination of customization and a professional appearance. For this reason, we urge our clients to think twice before putting together a sign online at the print shops that let you drag and drop style elements. Doing so frequently results in disappointment related to sizing, color matching and the overall appearance of the product. Many of these DIY signs have about as much appeal as the homemade late night cable channel commercial when compared to the prime time advertisements you see on TV.

What Does Your Sign Need?

  • Focus. A great sign starts with a focus. Do you want to imitate the look of your logo such as it appears on your website or do you want to highlight the fact that you are innovative, here to stay or attentive to detail?
  • Color palette. The most common selection our clients make involves the color display from their online presence. Those just starting out may focus on color psychology to choose the right tones. When you already have signage in place, our graphic artists match the hues perfectly.
  • Attitude. For an impressive look, you cannot go wrong with dimensional letters. Our clients like 3D designs because their customers respond well to it. When you really want to go for the gusto, consider the use of sign foam, which makes it possible to create letters as thick as three inches.

Whether you need lobby signs for family-owned businesses in Charlotte, NC, or for any other type of company, we can help. Contact our graphic artists today for assistance with the design, manufacture and installation of your next reception area signage.