Floor Graphics for Charlotte Businesses and Stores

Every shopping center we visit, there are colorful window graphics advertising promotions, store hours, or other information that may be of use to customers. Driving around running errands, making sales calls, and visiting job sites we witness beautifully wrapped vehicle that makes our heads turn.

While the traditional signage solutions, like channel letters, post and panel signs, and electronic message boards have proven to be successful branding and identification tools, vinyl applications like window graphics and vehicle wraps have changed the way businesses promote themselves to get more visibility. In addition to these, graphics solutions, floor graphics is also another beneficial branding tool.

Floor graphics communicate with your Charlotte customers in a unique way. While many forms of marketing and branding tools are to attract people into your doors, these graphics are often meant to enhance the experience of the customer after they enter your location or to point them to a specific item or destination.

Here are some common businesses that utilize floor graphics:

  • Grocery stores use them to promote certain brands.
  • Car dealerships offer information for consumers, as well as build excitement.
  • Schools to promote school pride with sports team logos.
  • Museums and zoos to enhance the experience of visitors.
  • Shopping malls for advertising specific stores or mall-wide specials.
  • Conference halls for directional purposes or to promote an upcoming event.
  • Trade show exhibits to direct the flow of traffic.
  • Healthcare centers and hospitals for internal organization purposes and to grab the attention of patients and visitors to alert them to safety precautions, directions, and branding.
  • Warehouse facilities for safety concerns.

These are just a few examples of the uses of floor marketing and branding, but as you can observe these applications are very useful tools for communicating with customers.

One of the biggest concerns that we hear about from business owners is the safety of using this form of marketing, especially slipping concerns. Floor graphics are laminated with scuff-resistant, non-slip finish so your slipping concerns can be eased.

Floor Graphic Options

  • Allow creativity. If you can imagine the design for your graphics, we can surely create that design.
  • Can be produced in practically any shape imaginable.
  • Can be made into whatever size you need.
  • You can use customize colors that compliment your logo colors.
  • Any font type or size is acceptable.
  • Can include worded messages and/or images to enhance the appearance of your message.
  • Can also include three-dimensional effects for even greater visual impact.
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces, as well as indoors and outdoors.

Are floor graphics a smart choice for your Charlotte business?

Take an inventory of your floor space and seek out areas that would enhance the experience of customers or that can be used to promote merchandise that you would like to move a bit faster. Perhaps, there is floor space that may benefit from safety precautions like, “Watch your step” or “Fire Exit” panels. When you are shopping or visiting other businesses observe their floor branding to get some ideas for your business.

When considering a floor branding plan, The Sign Factory is here to simplify the process for you. We can survey your floor space, create a floor branding strategy, design each graphic to match the branding you already have in place, and install expertly.

We can be reached at 704-321-0040. You are also invited to visit us at the Greylyn Business Park at 9123 Monroe Road, Suite 125.