Foam Letters in Charlotte Make Great Building and Wall Signs!

One of the most budget-friendly signage solutions, foam letters in Charlotte, NC, are also among the most versatile displays. If you have not yet taken advantage of the benefits and fantastic display opportunities that this signage type brings to any space, we invite you to take a closer look at what you have been missing.

What are Foam Letters Made Of?

Foam sounds like the soapy suds in your kitchen sink. In reality, three durable materials fall under this heading.

1. Indoor-rated, high-density foam. This substance sells under the name Gatorfoam. It features a dense foam core with a tough, smooth surface. Thicknesses range from ½ inch to 2 inches.

2. Outdoor rated, two-pound foam. Select this material for your outdoor uses. It comes in depths ranging from 1 inch all the way to 3 inches. Rather than using a veneer surface, you will notice an aluminum facing over the foam core.

3. High-density urethane (HDU). Another outdoor-rated foam product, this is the heavy hitter that withstands even extreme weather patterns. Thicknesses are comparable to the other materials. You already know HDU from our routed or sandblasted product selection. In that setting, we rely on thick HDU boards as the material of choice.

What Can You Do with Foam Letters?

The availability of three different foam types makes this material ideal for use in a broad range of signage applications.

  • Lobby signage. Choose Gatorfoam for your lobby sign needs. Since we can paint the material any color that you choose, it readily takes on your company’s colors to become a strong branding message in your reception area. In the alternative, we can add acrylic or metal laminates to give the lettering the appearance of being made from these materials. Clever side paint applications enhance this impression.
  • Directional signs. Wayfinding is easy when you install foam letters to help direct customers, clients or visitors inside your venue. Mount them directly to the wall or install them onto acrylic, PVC, or metal boards and blades. Doing so allows you to present the message with hanging signage or perpendicular displays.
  • Building and walls. Choose two-pound or HDU for the manufacture of your building’s letters. Opt for a painted appearance, laminates or the use of vinyl overlays. The latter is ideal if your name display online relies on a gradient color presentation that morphs into different shades.
  • Branding displays. Branding with foam letters is a snap. Select the right material for your interior or exterior use. Spell out your motto, mission statement, or a quote of your business’ founder. Fast food restaurants frequently use this opportunity to display the tagline of a current marketing campaign.

Ordering Foam Letters in Charlotte, NC

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about the material and the types of foam letter display that could be ideal for your business. In addition to letters, remember that we can also use the material to cut out shapes such as your logo or other graphics. Going this route has the potential of dressing up your lobby, façade or any other location within your storefront or office. Contact us today to get started on your project.