Food Distributor Boosts Brand with Cabinet Sign in Charlotte

A division of the Sysco Corporation, FreshPoint is a produce distributor. Located at 2121-A Distribution Center Drive, the company offers not just fruits and vegetables but also dairy goods. When this enterprise needed building signage that would help the location to stand out, its representatives contacted the experts at The Sign Factory.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Cabinet Signs for Distributors in Charlotte, NC

During our consultation meeting, we created sketches that include the business’ font, color selection, and logo. Since the website appearance features a white background with green and orange style elements, we sought to replicate the look for the building sign.

Doing so has the advantage of making it easy for customers to recognize the company’s name and logo if they have been researching the business online. Once we completed the permitting process and manufacture, we installed the sign on the upper third of the building’s façade. This practice is getting more prevalent in settings where a lot of large truck traffic might obscure the view of a building’s front.

Advantages of a Lightbox Cabinet

When selecting your building signage, you might opt for channel letters, dimensional lettering, a panel display, or a cabinet sign. There are distinct advantages to choosing the latter.

  • Size. A cabinet is an ideal solution for a building with numerous architectural features. It allows you to size the display correctly without interrupting the overall presentation of the structure. Remember also that while the standard shape may be rectangular, this convention does not bind you. In fact, some business owners have had excellent success with cabinets that display the forms of their logos.
  • Weight. We manufacture the body of the product from aluminum. This lightweight material offers durability. We close up the front with a polycarbonate facing. The light sources are built into the cabinet. Because of the reduction in weight, it is possible to install these products even on facades with bricks or softer stones. Since these markers frequently need fewer drill hole points than flush-mounted channel letters, plenty of building owners prefer this signage option.
  • Illumination. After dark, the lights illuminate the back of the polycarbonate facing, which allows the lettering and logo to stand out. In this manner, the building sign presents the branding message while acting as a wayfinding marker. That said, it is possible to order unlit cabinet signs.
  • Message options. The majority of our clients prefer a display that only includes a company’s name and logo. Nevertheless, some businesses benefit from the mention of professional affiliations, certifications, and co-branding with well-respected companies, products, or manufacturers. We can either imprint your information directly onto the material or use a vinyl overlay. Another option is the selection of an embossed facing for a three-dimensional appearance.

Ordering Your Lightbox Cabinet

When you are ready to discuss your options for cabinet signs in Charlotte, NC, contact our signage specialists for assistance. We work with you to put together a presentation that advertises, brands and beautifies your façade. Our experts can incorporate any graphics that you already have on file; if you need us to start from scratch, we can do that, too. Contact us today to get started on your project.