Forerunner Technologies Rebrands with Professional Truck Graphics and Lettering

Rebranding is necessary for some businesses when they decide to change their name, merge with another company, change or add to their services, or modify some other significant element of their company. Rebranding develops a new identity for an established brand and can help attract new customers as well as respark the interest of past customers.

When Forerunner Technologies acquired former Earthlink Nec Systems Unit in the Southeast, they needed to update their vehicle graphics and information. As a provider of telephone, VoIP, and connectivity hardware and systems, they needed to complete their rebrand quickly and start communicating the change to the marketplace.

Since their truck already had graphics and lettering on it from the previous branding, these had to be removed in order to properly install the new applications. They delivered their vehicle with most of the previous graphics already removed, however, there remained a fair amount of adhesive residue that had to be removed. This adhesive is often challenging to remove, especially for those without any experience in doing so. This is why we highly recommend that you allow an experienced and professional vehicle wrap installer to remove your wraps and residue when needed. We have the proper tools to do so properly without damaging the paint on your vehicles. Once we cleaned and prepped their truck, we were able to install the new graphics decals and lettering without a hitch.

Our client, tech Ron, was most appreciative of the new graphics treatment and was especially thankful for the quick install that we provided. Due to our speedy, yet expert install, he was able to make his early afternoon call in the Greensboro area. We were glad to help out Ron! We love when we can provide relief and convenience for our customers while doing what we love to do the most – making businesses stand out with vehicle graphics and wraps.

Whether you have a single vehicle or fleet, The Sign Factory can retrofit almost any size and type of vehicle. From graphic decals and lettering to full-blown, eye-catching vehicle wraps, we have the expertise and resources to put your brand to work for you on the road. Give us a call today to get started – 704-321-0040.