Forerunner Technologies Uses Vehicle Graphics for Company Acquisition and Rebrand!

Updating vehicle graphics for company acquisitions is to marketing and branding what exterior signage relocation is to a company that moves across town: vital! With a change of leadership, management, services and look, there is the need to quickly adjust the signage that is currently out there. In the case of buildings, this change can be quick. In the case of vehicle graphics, it might take just a bit longer – unless you work with the specialists from the Sign Factory.

Rebranding at Its Best!

Case in point is Forerunner Technologies. When this company acquired the former EarthLink NEC Systems Unit in the Southeast, the company’s management team needed to update vehicle graphics and information. As a provider of telephone, VoIP and connectivity hardware and systems, Forerunner Technologies wanted to complete its re-branding quickly to help consumers to adjust to the change in the marketplace.

When we received the vehicle, most of the previous graphics were removed. Yet since they have been installed for a while, there remained a fair amount of adhesive residue that had to be removed as well. No problem! Once we finished cleaning and prepping the work vehicle, it was possible to install the new graphics decals and lettering without a hitch. The company’s management team was impressed with the new look of the vehicle as well as the quick turn-around time.

When the truck left our parking lot, it was headed to its first service call with a new marketing message in Greensboro. Do you need to rebrand with vehicle graphics in the Carolinas? Whether you have a single vehicle or a whole fleet, the Sign Factory can retrofit most any size and type of vehicle. From graphic decals and lettering to full-blown vehicle wraps, we have the expertise and resources to put your brand to work for you on the road.

The Benefits Are Many!

Stay on the cutting edge of your niche. Acquisitions, mergers and buy-outs are a fact of the American business landscape. Being at the forefront of marketing a newly formed company, however, is not. Identify yourself as a business leader by hitting the ground running and ready to market within minutes of a new merger.

Keep the business calls coming. If you are still driving to job sites with the outdated business information being advertised on your truck or van, you might be missing out on some job calls. Consumers have been taught to be wary of businesses that operate under a variety of names. Not realizing that your company just acquired another one, you might be losing a customer simply because of outdated information on your vehicles.

Get the new company off to a good start. Getting the name out there is a necessity for any new, existing and re-branded company. New customers need to be brought in. Existing customers need to be informed about the changes. If your client’s neighbors have been accustomed to seeing ABC company dropping by for service calls, they might be wondering who XYZ company is. Get the information out there, and incorporate the name change into a new marketing campaign.