Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Wraps in Charlotte

As a premier provider of vehicle wraps in the Charlotte area, we get asked many questions about vehicle wraps. So, we thought it would be helpful to answer some of these questions here on our blog.

  • What are vehicle wraps? Vehicle wraps are a common tool that business owners use to advertise or brand their company. In addition, many people prefer to wrap their vehicles with a vinyl wrap instead of paint for personal enjoyment. A vehicle wrap is basically a custom vinyl application that is adhered to a vehicle. This vinyl conforms to the shape of whatever vehicle it is wrapping.
  • Can you wrap my vehicle’s windows? We can certainly wrap your rear windows, however not your front windows. However, we do not use the same material we use to wrap the rest of the car. We use a special material made for windows that are often referred to as window perf. This material allows you to see safely out your rear windows, yet offers some privacy as well. Window perf, when used with a custom designed vehicle wrap expands the message you are sharing onto the windows. This gives a more wow factor.
  • Can you wrap the roof of my car? Of course, we can! Though, roofs of large vans, SUVs, and tall trucks are not typically wrapped unless they are requested to be wrapped. The main reason that people do not wrap their roofs is that they are too high for people to see. Small cars like Mini Coopers and smart cars often do wrap their roofs because their roofs are easily seen by people passing by. Businesses that travel to high rise buildings can benefit from wrapping their roof since they people looking down from their balconies can see the advertisement or branding.
  • Can I apply a wrap to my leased vehicle? Since leased vehicle’s paint is often factory painted, these are ideal vehicles to wrap. This is the best surface to wrap on. In addition, since wraps protect the paint, the value of the leased car, truck or van. Though, we highly recommend that you get permission from your leasing company to ensure that you are allowed to apply a wrap.

We will be adding more frequently asked questions articles soon. So, please make sure you come back. Also, please know that you can call us with any questions that you may have. We will be happy to answer your concerns for you.

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