Gorgeous Channel Letters for Cafeccino’s Coffee Shop in Charlotte

When looking to make an impressive impact in your neighborhood, channel letters are a smart move. The three-dimensional letters are highly professional, respectable and give the appearance of longevity and commitment to a Charlotte business. These letters are commonly used for retail stores, medical practices and many other business types including coffee shops.

When Cafeccino’s coffee shop at 2706 W Mallard Creek Church Rd in Charlotte, North Carolina was preparing for their grand opening on March 15th, they realized the benefit of using these letter types to make an impressive image that would attract their target market. So, they contacted us here at The Sign Factory for this very important branding need.

After our consultation and surveying their site, we were able to design their channel letters to be the appropriate size and to match their current logo. Then, we expertly produced their letters and installed them to their building. (to see more images of this project, please visit our Pinterest page.)

These channel letters sure make the image that they were looking to achieve and has been capturing the attention of new customers. They also give you a place in the local community.

Can channel letters benefit your business?

If you are looking to invest in a sign for branding that you want to last for many years with little maintenance and you are looking to project an image of longevity and professionalism, then these dimensional letters would be a great fit for your company.

Channel letters can be illuminated or not. The choice is completely up to you. Of course, illumination is preferred by many businesses especially if they are open at night. Illumination also helps your signage to remain very visible during rainy and stormy times. Having your sign lit can also give you an edge over businesses without lit signs because the eye will be drawn to the light.

These three-dimensional letters are completely customizable, so they can match your logo, fonts and colors. Therefore, all of your brandings will be consistent which really appeals to consumers.

Of course, The Sign Factory is here to help you determine if your business will benefit from these, as well as if your budget can afford them. Give us a call at 704-321-0040.