Grab Attention Day & Night With Custom LED Signs

A growing number of businesses are investing in custom LED signs so they can grab attention day and night. While helping businesses stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace is obviously a critical advantage, there are many other benefits of LED signs that are worth noting:

  • Durability 

LED signs typically last around six years — and sometimes even more — which is significantly longer than fluorescent and neon lighting. Furthermore, since there are no glass tubes and bulbs, maintenance is simple and easy.

  • Easily Change Messaging

Unlike some types of outdoor signage like post and panel signs that have permanent messages, changing messages in LED signs is easy, fast, and requires no technical skill or programming ability. It’s as simple as logging into the application and typing in a new message (or messages). As such, businesses can convey seasonal messages, announce promotions, sales, and milestones (“Come Celebrate Our 10 Year Anniversary!), and so on.

  • Available In Many Configurations

LED technology can be integrated into a wide variety of sign types, such as monument signs, wayfinding signs, and more. Businesses can also customize the look and feel of their LED signs to align with their existing signage solutions (e.g. post and panel signs, lightbox cabinet signs, etc.).

  • Reduce Utility Bills

LED signs use up to 80 percent less energy than neon signs, which reduces utility bills — and boosts your bottom line.

  • Help the Environment

Last but certainly not least, LED signs are better for the environment than neon signs and especially conventional lighting. And since they aren’t made with glass and aren’t filled with gasses, LED signs can be safely recycled many years down the road when their lifespan is over, or when businesses want to make a change. Businesses can also highlight their eco-friendly LED signs in their marketing and public relations. Your sign choices may impress current and future customers who prefer businesses that demonstrate environmental awareness and leadership.

The Sign Factory: Your Expert Source for Custom LED Signs

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