Great Benefits of Carved and Sandblasted Signs for Small Businesses

Wooden signs have been around a long time and for good reason. They have adaptability that can cross the lines of industries while giving a rustic yet modern spin on business signage. If you like the look of wood but aren’t trying for the rustic look, there are options in paint that will make it look well finished and complete.

We use materials that are built to last. Each of our signs has more than the immediate usage in mind. We take long-term investment into consideration and deliver quality products that are sure to stand the test of time. Distinguishing your business doesn’t have to be difficult. With the benefits of well-crafted carved and sandblasted signs, any business is sure to make an impact.

Top Benefits of Wooden Signs

Customization is near limitless with wooden signs. However, choosing the right options is imperative. Luckily, our professional team has the experience to guide our customers through the benefits of these signage solutions.

  • Stand Out from Industrial Feel. The industrial look and feel has become a big trend in signage. While they are attractive, it is hard to stand out against the competition. Even further, for some companies, the industrial look doesn’t make sense when paired with their individual marketing brand. It makes much better business sense to stick with the feel of your brand rather than following trends that may not stick around.
  • Unique. These signs catch the eye of passersby due to how unique they are. No two wooden signs are made the same. Even if two signs were made the same, the unique look of each piece of wood makes them intrinsically inimitable. With today’s sandblasting technology, each image is crisp and purposeful.
  • Three Dimensional Look. Adding depth to a sign is easy with wooden signs. They can be carved or sandblasted to get the exact depth and level of detail the customer wants without sacrificing a striking design. With our top quality materials, the smaller details will stand against time. Our wood is treated to be able to stand up against weather ailments and the test of time. From UV rays from the sun to rainy weather, our signs hold up in the investment.

Ready to get started? Our team is here to help. Contact us today to find out how our options in carved and sandblasted signs can get the attention your local business needs.