Here’s How Partnering With A Sign Shop In Charlotte NC Will Help Your Business

You probably know that Charlotte is the most populous city in the state. Did you also know that for ten years, between 2004 and 2014, Charlotte was also the fastest-growing metro area in the country?

The simple fact is that Charlotte is a city that’s rapidly accelerating, and that means plenty of opportunities for local businesses. To capture attention and market share in our metropolis on the move, you’ll need signage that attracts attention, communicates your brand values, and compels customer action. Here are a few ways The Sign Factory, your sign shop in Charlotte NC, can help achieve these goals.

ADA Signs Deliver Accessibility

Whether you run work for a large corporation, state or federal agencies, or a local property management company, you should be aware of ADA signage requirements. Aside from complying with the law, ADA signs help make your office more accessible and inviting, for visitors, customers, and staff. ADA signs can even enhance safety! In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation, ADA signage helps people with disabilities find their way quickly and safely to the nearest exit. Some examples of ADA signs include:

  • Handicap parking signs
  • Safety markers
  • Interior signs

Corporate Office Signage Builds Brands

When customers, visitors, and even staff walk into your place of business, you have only a scarce few seconds to evoke a reaction. One of the very best ways to achieve this is with corporate office signage, such as lobby signs and custom office signs. Here’s a great example. We created this custom office sign for the Sycamore Animal Clinic in Mint Hill. The clinic’s logo evokes a sense of care, belonging and growth. To enhance the effect, we mounted the logo on a 5/8” acrylic panel with a frosted back. The partial transparency allows the beautiful stonework to show through.

Wayfinding Signage Points The Way

Any time your visitor could arrive at multiple destinations – or, for that matter, multiple businesses – wayfinding signage is crucial. The many types of wayfinding signage include but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor street and area signs
  • Outdoor business ‘welcome’ signs, showing the lobby, parking, etc.
  • Indoor or outdoor business directories (see example above)

Partner With Your Sign Company In North Carolina!

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