How Signs Can Improve Your Summer Festival and Other Tips

As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to get ready for summertime festivals. Certain signage solutions can make the lives of festival attendees all the easier, along with other quick and easy tips. When getting ready for a festival, it’s important to ensure everyone has access to necessities and everything is easy to navigate, leading to less mishaps and more good times.

Quick Access to Water

An attendee should be able to get a drink of water at all times when at a festival. While many festivals offer over-priced water bottles at different vendors, a good festival will have an abundance of water with no charge. This leads to less medical emergencies as everyone will have great access at no charge. Having good signage is helpful. Make sure each and every person knows exactly where the water is and how to get to it.

Signs for Everything

Everything at a festival should be easy to find. Put signs absolutely everywhere. If festival-goers will need to turn slightly left to get to the toilets, put a sign directing them. If there is a spot where they can get water, put a sign there. Use a sign for every twist and turn from the parking lots to the campgrounds to the music venues. The easier you can make your festival to find everything, the more fun attendees will have.

Add Some Light

Particularly in bathroom areas, light sources are essential. They help people stay safe and find their way throughout the grounds. It also helps campers make less of a mess since they will be able to see what they are doing at night.

Lost and Found

Have a lost and found area that is easy to find for campers. Having good signage will go a long way to ensuring attendees have a chance to find what they have lost and turn in items they have found.

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