How to Brighten Offices with Wall Graphics and Murals in Ballantyne NC

The vinyl our technicians use to manufacture wall graphics and murals in Ballantyne, NC, is made with durability in mind. It wipes clean, which makes it ideal for the walls of busy restaurants and hallways of offices. We can boost the great looks of the images you would like to depict by selecting a textured vinyl product. In short, if there is a way to integrate the graphics into your overall interior décor, we can help you find it.

You already know that our clients frequently select walls graphics and murals to install over a broad range of wall surfaces. But do you ever wonder how you could brighten your office, no matter how large or small, with this material? In fact, there are several options open to you.

Brighten Small Office Spaces with Light Wall Wraps

Dark colors tend to make a small room feel claustrophobic. Lighter colors, such as pearl grays and neutral blues, make it feel larger. Choose even lighter tones for the ceiling and floor. That said, why not opt for a wall wrap in one of these colors with a satin finish for light reflection and a very gradient color change that lightens the tone just slightly toward the ceiling. Doing so not only brightens the room but also makes it appear larger and taller. This is not an effect standard paint allows for.

Add Pizzazz to a Windowless Office

Perhaps one of the most difficult rooms to deal with and brighten is the windowless office. For this reason, plenty of office managers turn them into storage areas or office machine locations. When this is not an option for your setting, consider the addition of wall graphics that imitate the presence of a window complete with shadow play and the illusion of a breeze. We help you choose a stock image that would be ideal for your setting, whether it is minimalist, old-fashioned, ornate, or merely functional. Once installed, you quickly forget that it is only a graphic.

Bright, Colorful Images Appeal to Children

If your business involves serving children, consider their needs. For a pediatrician, we recommend the use of murals or graphics to create a child-centered waiting room. Our clients have had excellent success with supporting a theme with a combination of both. For example, if you select an under-the-sea theme, choose one wall as the focal point of the waiting area and treat it with a mural. The other walls support the theme with graphics and lettering that outlines fun facts. The combination of engaging images, informative displays, and an ambiance that appeals to youngsters brightens any waiting room.

Buy Wall Graphics and Murals in Ballantyne, NC

Contact our visual artists to discuss your needs for wall products that would brighten your office space. Whether you need a full office treatment or only have one problem wall that you would like to dress up, we can help. Our graphic artists can also assist you with the correction of spatial problems that make working in the location difficult or unpleasant. Contact us today to find out how we can use these products for your space.