How to Budget and Plan for New Business Signage

Make this the year you build a working relationship with the full-service sign shop that saves you money and takes your marketing as well as branding messages to new heights. When you budget and plan for new business signage in Charlotte, NC, it pays to talk to a representative of this sign shop right away. The name of the company? The Sign Factory, of course!

What We Bring to the Table

Avoid the sign mistakes of the past such as inexpert color matches, bargain basement vinyl and iffy installation techniques by third-party contractors. The Sign Factory experts see your project through from inception to final installation. You deal with industry leaders who have received in-depth training, stay at the forefront of product developments and understand the local business community’s needs. Plan for your new business signage by working with someone who uses top-of-the-line eco-friendly latex ink print systems, multiple color management programs, and leading installation techniques.

What We Can do for Your Business

Our graphic artists can bring your signage from drab to fab this year.

  • Refurbish existing products. Do not let someone else try and up-sell you on a new monument sign or box cabinet when the existing product still has plenty of life left in it! We save you money by evaluating your signs for possible refurbishing opportunities that create a contemporary look at a fraction of the cost that a replacement would require.
  • Bring you into compliance. Have recent expansions of your business nullified your ADA grandfathering? When it is time to add new compliant signage for directional markers, we can help. If you are unsure whether you are in compliance in the first place, invite our consultant to visit your location and inventory your ADA markers. What you do not know can hurt you.
  • Rebrand with perfect color matches. Have you rebranded recently? Do not forget to change the look of your signage to show the new font, layout or color scheme. We ensure that you have accurate color matches across multiple products.
  • Introduce a new marketing method. As you set aside funds for a new signage option, think through your missed marketing opportunities. For many businesses, this is the transit marketing setup. Also known as mobile marketing, it refers to vehicle wraps or graphics with lettering packages.
  • Switch to new displays. Is your lobby sign outdated? If you commissioned it a decade or two ago, it might be time to consider a replacement. Although you could just switch it out for a copy that uses the same materials, see what your options are today. We provide you with information on the products others in your niche use, which offers you valuable insight on how to stay relevant and appeal to today’s consumer.

Talk to our experts to find out how to budget and plan for new business signage in Charlotte, NC. We help you stretch your budget and upgrade to the must-have products that position your brand as relevant in the next year and beyond. Contact us today to get started.