How to Create a Long-Term Trade Show Plan

Do you have a long-term trade show plan for Charlotte exhibit venues and the surrounding areas? Are you plotting out a strategy for generating brand awareness, increasing name recognition and actively advertising your newest product or service? Did you know that the professionals at the Sign Factory can help you?

It Starts with a Consultation

Our expert trade show display designers routinely work with large and small companies to help these businesses in their quest for heightened recognition in the marketplace. We understand that the majority of companies decide ahead of time where and when they would exhibit their businesses. This is frequently a cost consideration since the rental of a booth space tends to get expensive at the premier venues.

Once you know where you want to show off your business and introduce attendees to your company, it is time to talk space. How large a display space did you request? Smaller booth sizes call for a more selective display that crams quite a bit of marketing into a relatively small footprint.

When you have the luxury of commandeering a corner booth or a larger setup, you have the option of going for a minimalist setup or maximizing the space you use with displays.

It Saves You Money

You might be an old hand at the trade show circuit. As a result, you may figure that it is not necessary to talk through your long-term trade show plan for Charlotte this year. We strongly urge you to reconsider! Our clients report that simply by opting for a consultation, they have been able to save money through the judicious selection of show elements.

Whether it is the number of banner stands, table throws, pop-up displays and backdrops, save money this year by knowing ahead of time how many you will need and which displays can pull double duty in other settings. Since we work with you for the entire season, we also highlight changes in trends and emerging display technology that is currently being embraced as being on the cutting edge. This takes the guesswork out of display setups which, as you might imagine, will cut down on impulse buys and last-minute changes in setups.

Professionals Who Listen

We take these consultations seriously. You are in the driver’s seat. We merely supply the experience, the technical know-how and our industry insider expertise to meet your needs. We help you to discover means for saving money, for getting better exposure of your company and also for showcasing your new product to its fullest advantage.

If you are a newcomer to the trade show circuit or an entrepreneur who is just starting out, we gladly assist you with packages that are as budget-friendly as they attractive and eye-catching. Enter the business community with a splash, and quickly generate a buzz that will create interest with your peer group as well as resellers who may wish to carry your products. Consumers, too, will appreciate your approach. You may forge your first long-lasting business relationships at your very first trade show exhibition. Call us today to find out what kinds of displays can have this level of impact.