How to Create Memorable Outdoor Signs for Small Businesses

When you’re a small operation, it’s important for you to be able to grab attention and direct leads into your store or business.

Signs, as a result, are a vital part of this type of “drive-by” marketing.

It’s important to get it right, otherwise, you will make people quickly lose interest as opposed to slowing down and giving you a second glance.

As you’ll see, the right outdoor signs will work hard for you and drive traffic through your entrance.

Make Your Outdoor Signs Snappy and To-the-Point

According to Intuit, a sign that’s hard to read isn’t just a turn-off – it can also lead customers to the subconscious conclusion that your brand is untrustworthy or unlikeable.

How do you avoid this outcome? Make the text on your outdoor signs short and sweet.

Ideally, customers should be able to take in the information with very little effort. Intuit even recommends keeping the maximum word count to seven.

This leaves just enough leeway for you to highlight the most important information to get customers through your doors, on your website, or calling you on the phone – whichever is most important for your particular business.

Make Your Signs Memorable

How many times has a business sign caught your eye while you were driving down a street, and the design alone made you want to stop and check it out?

Good sign design can work wonders for making your brand memorable and interesting, and for inspiring curiosity. For this reason, take your time to get it right.

Think long and hard about what your business stands for and what you want people to know the second they see your sign. Work with a graphic designer who can help you make it look clean and professional.

Finally, execute your outdoor signs with the right company for a seamless look and head-turning appeal.

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