How to Design a Great Lobby and Logo Sign

Lobby and logo signs are essential for many businesses, from law firms to doctors’ offices. But do you know how to design a lobby and logo sign that is perfect for your company? Maybe you feel a little overwhelmed. After all, you’re probably not an interior design expert. Well, never fear, because this blog post is all about how to design your perfect lobby and logo sign. Go on, let’s take a deeper dive—together!

Some Basics of Interior Design

You want to be aware of several things when designing a sign. First, there are some basic principles of interior design that you should follow for “best practice.” Make sure your form and line are consistent with your brand. These indicate shape and direction. If you have a lobby and logo sign that looks like it’s pointing away from your office door, that wouldn’t be very effective, would it?

Color is obviously important too. Bright primary colors would be good for a daycare administrative office, but muted tones would probably be better for a law firm.

Mass, or the implied or actual “weight” of your sign, can help reflect your brand, believe it or not. If your sign appears heavy, it could make you look more serious. If it appears lighter, you could be giving off a more whimsical vibe, whether you plan to or not.

Being aware of these aspects of design will only help you when it comes to the designing process.

Getting Creative–Simply

If all of this information is bogging you down, don’t worry. You don’t have to get too complicated with the design of your lobby and logo sign. If need be, refer back to your brand’s logo. This will help you decide on which colors to use, along with choosing a specific font for your sign.

Lobby and Logo Sign Materials

You might be wondering what types of materials are best for lobby and logo signs. Again, that depends on your brand. Some companies might choose to go with wood or glass, while others might want to choose aluminum or foam. It’s up to you as to what material is best.
Get Your Perfect Lobby and Logo Sign

Now that you’ve learned a bit about interior design, how to simplify the design process, and the materials of your lobby and logo sign, give The Sign Factory a quick call. We’re the ultimate signage source, and we will gladly help design and install a great lobby and logo sign that’s right for you.