How to Drive More Foot Traffic Into Your Charlotte Restaurant

With the dining options in Charlotte being endless, it can be tough for customers to choose which restaurant they want to eat at. That being said, if you own a restaurant you know how crucial outdoor signage is to drive more people in. Since Charlotte is very large in population and size, there can be an endless amount of foot traffic so therefore posting signs outside of your restaurant is sure to drive in new and repeat customers.

In order for customers to choose where to eat, something as simple as posting a special or highlighting certain dishes can persuade them to come into your restaurant. You have got the food part covered, now let The Sign Factory assist you in getting the much-needed foot traffic into your Charlotte restaurant.

Here are some sign ideas to help drive more new and regular customers into your Charlotte restaurant:

  • Window graphic is an excellent tool to use on any window space you have. These are a simple and effective way to display your restaurant’s name along with the colors to match your logo. You may also want to display a picture of a popular dish to add an eye-catching pop on a front window or door. Window advertising can be changed easily and can be customized to match your branding.
  • Consider hanging a banner on a pole or a banner stand outside of your restaurant. These are the perfect option to announce specials, a grand opening or special occasion such as an anniversary. Banners can be produced in a variety of colors, sizes and letters that tie in with your branding.
  • A-frame boards or as some restaurants call them sandwich boards, are used primarily as a temporary or semi-temporary sign that can be placed outside of your restaurant. These are excellent to advertise certain dishes that are featured that day or maybe a special drink that is on the menu. These signs are collapsible making them easy to move around. They can also be used over and over as they are durable.
  • Flags hanging from the building or on stands are great attention getters for those walking by. By coordinating them with your colors, logo and designs they are sure to attract attention and draw many people into your restaurant.
  • Electronic Message Centers: The can help you promote specials or event that your establishment are offering. They are lit so they are eye magnets. In addition, they are easy to change, so you can change your message every day if you wanted to.

With the number of eateries in Charlotte, alluring diners to come in can be difficult. With enticing signage, you can successfully get your restaurant noticed and drive in more customers.

Take a look at businesses around your area and you will notice most if not all have some type of exterior signage; it is the key to successful businesses. With signs from The Sign Factory, you are sure to draw a lot of foot traffic to your Charlotte restaurant. Call 704-321-0040 Monday thru Friday.