How to Find a Sign Company that Specializes in Channel Letter Signs

While there are a number of commercial sign companies that specialize in channel letter signs in Charlotte, NC, the Sign Factory is the name that you can trust. From inception to installation, our knowledgeable professionals follow a clearly defined quality control protocol. How do we do it?

Site Evaluations

We send our professionals to your storefront or office. In addition to getting a good feel for the neighborhood and the signage chosen by your competitors as well as other businesses nearby, we also carefully measure to create a sign that perfectly suits the look of your façade.

Marker Choices

There is not just one type of channel letter sign. What suits one business will not necessarily work as well for a different type of company. For example, by far the most common choice is the front-lit channel letter setup. It features aluminum housings with acrylic faces. Inside these housings, we install the light sources. The resulting markers are colorful during the daytime and colorful as well as bright at night. That said, halo-lit channel letter signs are now also growing in popularity. These signs are completely made from aluminum, which we paint in the colors you choose. In the back, we use clear acrylic. Once again, the light sources are installed inside the letters. The light comes out from behind the letters. By offset mounting the letters, we allow the light to create a halo effect behind the solid lettering. This is elegant and quickly getting quite popular for upscale eateries, art galleries and clothing boutiques. If you like to have the best of both worlds, opt for the back-lit channel letters. With clear acrylic backs and colorful acrylic fronts, the letters shine brightly in the night and have just a hint of a halo.

Permitting Process

There is no need for you to spend time at city hall for a signage permit. We know the local zoning regulations and permitting rules. As a result, we easily put together the applications and submit them on your behalf to the authorities. In addition, we also secure the necessary authorizations from your landlord or management company to install the signage. Since we have plenty of experience with these processes, we usually get them right the first time, which results in a quick permit approval.


We can create your sign in about three to six weeks. The actual amount of time that it takes to manufacture the sign depends in part on the intricacy of the lettering, the number of the letters and also the sizes of the finished logos.


We have a team that comes out to install your finished marker. We have the right supporting hardware that allows us to expertly hoist the components, carefully center the sign and then attach it to the wall. There are no rickety ladders but rather high-tech equipment that ensures safety and accuracy.

We know that you still have many more questions about commissioning channel letter signs in Charlotte, NC. Our expert sign makers are available to take your calls and answer your questions today. And, we always offer free quotes!