How to Use Speciality Signs to Market Your Sidewalk Cafe or Coffee Shop

The average independent coffee shop or café doesn’t spend much on marketing. In fact, according to Barista Magazine, most spend an average of $100 or less per month.

If you’re like the average shop, you probably don’t have a big budget for marketing, either.
However, there are cheap yet effective ways to pull in foot traffic and get more business. Enter specialty signs.

Try Sidewalk Specialty Signs and Sandwich Board

Sandwich boards and sidewalk signs are ubiquitous for coffee shops for a reason – they work.
A well-designed sign that notes your daily specials and invites people inside is a great way to make people stop and sample your wares.

If you’re in a district surrounded by businesses, entice workers with lunch specials. If you’re near a college campus, note your free Wi-Fi and coffee specials, perfect for study sessions. Just remember that your sign should be eye-catching and get to the point.

Use Specialty Signs to Direct Traffic

Even if you’re not located in a spot that gets a lot of foot traffic, you can still help drive customers to your door (or drive-thru window).

Place specialty signs at the corners of busy intersections with simple directions to your store. Use big arrows and your logo to draw the eye. Other signs to consider: specials, drink-of-the-day or your store hours.

Make Your Décor Pop with Specialty Wall Murals

Once you get the customers in your store, you want them to stay. Help create a good vibe with wall murals or decals.

You can have your logo blown up and covering one wall, or you can go with something that complements your business philosophy. For instance, if you only serve organic espresso, put up a nature mural or a big wall map with the places marked where you responsibly source your products.

Specialty signs are a great way to target customers and have fun with design. For perfect signs to suit your particular business, try The Sign Factory!