Illuminated Cabinet Signs for CMD Automotive in Charlotte NC!

Illuminated cabinet signs have the power to draw the eye, modernize a company’s building façade and act as a beacon after dark. Case in point is CMD Automotive. Located at 2914 Griffith Street, this locally-owned and operated independent auto repair shop has been in business for almost two decades.

By relying on state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and only installing top-of-the-line products, you know that you car is in good hands. The professional ASE-certified technicians work on cars that rolled off the assembly line a month ago or more than half a century ago. If you drive it, they fix it.

The blue building with the yellow stripe is iconic in the neighborhood. When it came time to upgrade the exterior signage, CMD Automotive’s management team contacted the Sign Factory. We have plenty of experience installing cabinet signs in Charlotte, NC, and its surrounding areas. Made from attractive-looking durable aluminum, the cabinet sign is big and demands attention. It features a customized plastic front that displays the logo and name of the business. We actually created two of these signs. When lit, the logo and name will be displayed against a bright white backdrop, which easily garners the attention of motorists.


Automotive cabinet signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses are excellent solutions when you want to get noticed. With the lighting built into the marker, you simply put the signs on a timer and know that they will light up as soon as it starts getting dark. This ensures that your shop is always properly lit and welcomes tow vehicles, motorists as well as customers who are picking up their vehicles. Other automotive venues that benefit from this type of sign include car dealerships, tire shops and lube garages. Our friendly cabinet sign specialists sometimes get questions about the advantages of these signs over channel letter markers or even dimensional letters. Here are their answers.

More Information

You are not limited to displaying the name of your business and the logo. Rather, you can ask us to imprint the vinyl or plastic front with anything from a logo, a tagline, the name of the primary mechanic on duty to the affiliation with a well-known brand or local dealership.

Larger Cabinets

Cabinets are generally larger than channel letters. This is because the cabinet is the same size across the board. Channel letters may feature different sizes since there are frequently upper and lower-case letters.

Suitable for Exterior and Outside Signage

Although perfectly suited for installation on a façade, you could also use the cabinet as part of a monument sign. In this setting, your company’s information hails motorists who are still a ways away from your venue. If you are near a highway overpass, place the cabinet on a pole that appeals to motorists on the highway. In short, this versatile signage solution gets you noticed no matter where you need to put it.

We know that you probably have a few more questions. Contact us today for more information on cabinet signs for the automotive business or really for any type of company in need of a good marker.