Illuminated Channel Letters for Your Charlotte Business

Illuminating channel letter signage allows you to shine above your competitors. This type of lettering gives a professional appearance that gets your business exposure both day and night. Many national chains, like grocery stores, clothing stores, home repair stores and restaurants use eye-catching channel letters to make their businesses stand out. It might be a great choice for your business as well.

A channel letter is typically a 3-dimensional graphics sign which is fabricated from sheet metal or plastic. Channel letter signs can be produced in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes. This variety allows you to customize channel letters to suit the unique appearance needs of your business.

Channel letters are illuminated with either neon or LED lighting. There are advantages and disadvantages of both of these. It would be best to discuss these options with us to determine which is the best option for your business. You also have the option of non-illuminated channel letters. But, before you make the choice to use non-illuminated channel letters over illuminated channel letter for your business, consider the following.

The Importance of Illuminating Channel Letter Signs

Think about how many businesses you have noticed at night that you have not observed during the day. This is due to their lit signs. Even if these businesses are not open at night, you are now aware of their business because of their illumination at night. Do you want more exposure of your business or less?

During inclement weather, like snowy or stormy days, your business will appear dark, closed or out of business and may be passed by potential customers.

Consider winter as well. Winter can be gloomy outside. Lit channel letters will allow you to be noticed. You will be shining through the gloom welcoming people into your store or business.

Different Types of Illuminated Channel Lettering Signs

At The Sign Factory, we offer several types of illuminated channel lettering signs. Here are few.

Front illuminated are the most common type of channel letter signage. Front illuminated channel letters emit illumination only from the face of the letters. You will notice these types on shopping malls.

Reverse channel letter signs are another type that often seems on more prestige companies. Reverse channel letter signs are mounted away from the wall so the light forms a halo behind the letters. (Hence, these are commonly called “halo lit letters”). People are often concerned about small animals or birds taking shelter in these letters, so there is a clear poly-carbonate back to prevent this from happening.

Another illuminate channel letter option is a newer type of channel lettering called Front/Back illumination. This accomplished both the halo effect, as well as illuminating the face of the letters.

Cost of Illuminating Channel Lettering Signs

The cost of illuminating channel lettering signage depends on the letter size, installation height, type of lighting and if there are any local agency permit fees.

Want to learn more about Channel Lettering for your Charlotte Business?

We invite you to visit us at the Greylyn Business Park at 9123 Monroe Road, Suite 125 in Charlotte. We can consult with you to figure if channel lettering is a fit for your sign business. If not, there are many other alternatives that we can explore so that your business will get more professional exposure. You can also give us a call at 704-321-0040.

If you are not local to us here in Charlotte, we can service most areas in the United States as well. We have a network of over 260 locations throughout the States. So, let’s get started and let us help you have your business outshine your competition.

Channel letters offer a very professional image for your Charlotte business.