Increase Brand Awareness With Car Wraps In Charlotte

While other areas of the country are dealing with economic slowdowns, and some have not yet fully recovered (and may never) from the Great Recession, Charlotte is not just growing — it is booming! In fact, Charlotte’s whopping 59.6% population growth for the decade spanning 2006-2016 was the fastest in the entire country.

This is great news for businesses that want to put down roots in Charlotte, or that already have a presence in the area and want to expand their footprint. However, it also means that competing for attention is getting tougher by the day, and businesses need to find innovative and affordable ways to stand out and get noticed — or else they run the risk of falling behind and being forgotten.

If you are facing this challenge, then you might be considering conventional “interrupt” marketing, such as billboards and advertising through TV, radio, magazines, and so on . However, these tactics may not effectively reach your target audience; especially if they are spread across Charlotte and throughout south-central NC.

Fortunately, car wraps are a completely different story! That’s because instead of hoping that you reach your target audience — and hoping further still they are attentive vs. distracted — you can simply drive to where they are and boost your brand awareness. Whether it be B-to-C (business to consumer) or B-to-B (business to business), vehicle graphics and wraps can most cost effectively communicate your identity and target customer base.

For example, consider a new to market HVAC distribution company specializing in residential and commercial HVAC systems and also all the equipment, add-ons and accessories an HVAC dealer will need. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a billboard or radio ad that might be seen or heard once and then forgotten, the company can invest in an affordable and attention-grabbing car wrap.

Here is a snapshot of a beautiful van wrap we created for Hawkins HVAC Distributors, which is based in Charlotte with two locations. All they need to do is simply park their wrapped van or truck in front of their business and while on the road whenever they go out on a job, and they automatically generate brand awareness and quality leads — without paying a cent!

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